Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

Page 1

Raphael "Luck of the draw, pal -- and ten is still the magic number!"

Mike "Ten? Okay, ten!"

Raph "Nine and a half will get you double or nothing."

Mike "Hmmm..."

Raph "Double or nothing, dude..."

Mike "Deal!"

Raph "Hah!"

Raph "You'll never make it!"

Mike "Watch me!"

Raph "Okay..."


Mike "Ha hah!"

Page 2


Mike "Rooftops or surface streets?"

Mike "A little of both, methinks!"

Mike "Nothing underground... Seen enough subways to last a lifetime!"

Mike "{Huff!} {Huff!}"

Mike "Can't be winded yet!"

Mike "Gotta cut back on the cookies at night!"

Mike "Hey -- date night!"

Mike "Making good time -- should be near Broadway."

Raph "He's never going to make it!"

Don or Leo "I did it in eleven once!"

Leo or Don "Yeah -- right!"

Mike "Hah! Broome -- more than halfway."

Mike "Back up top!"

Page 3

Mike "Awesome! Target in sight --"

Mike "-- Should have stayed at ten, though."

Mike "Here's the hard part..."

Mike "...Finding it!"

Mike "No way -- in plain sight? Maybe to have me think "no, too easy?" "

Mike "Bingo!"

Mike "Simple minds think alike!"

Mike "Rock and roll, kids!"

Raph "So I practically hid it in plain sight! Hah! He'll never get it!"

Don or Leo "Good one!"

Leo or Don "Too obvious! Hah hah!"

Mike "Now to put Mikey in high gear!"

Page 4

Mike "Sometimes they under-estimate the ol' Mikester!"

Mike "Sometimes I over-estimate him!"

Mike "This is going to be really close!"

Mike "Let's see what is left in the tank."

Mike "{Huff!} {Huff!}"

Mike "Whoa!"

Mike "{Huff!} {Huff!}"

Raph "Ha hah! Seconds left and nowhere in sight!"

Raph "Looks like Mike is doing dishes for two weeks instead of me!"


Raph "Double or nothing -- hah! I'm the winner and he's the big lose--"


Raph "--r?"

Raph "Ouch!"

Raph "Poop on a stick..."

Raph "Okay, my two weeks on dishes is the bet. Double or nothing -- here's the address..."

Raph "...Who's next?"


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