Raw Power is issue 25 of the TMNT Adventures, and was published in October 1991. It also consists of the Dragon Rage backup storyline.

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Main storyline

Reaching Earth, Krang, Slash, Bellybomb, Bebop and Rocksteady battle the turtles in New York City. Bellybomb assists Krang in attaching himself to Shredder's body. The turtles defeat Krang-Shredder and frees Shredder from Krang, knocking Krang unconscious. Shredder escapes while Bebop and Rocksteady leaves Earth inside the spacecraft they came with, taking Krang with them as well as the zoo animals the freed. After dropping Krang off at Morbus. Bebop and Rocksteady then return to the Eden planet where Cherubae earlier had banished them.

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