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Rat King
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New York City Sewer




Rat mind control, rat formation transformation

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Baxter Stockman

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2014 games



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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014 3DS game)

Voiced by

Jason Spisak

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The entity known only as The Rat King is the primary foe of the first act of the 2014 3DS game, and functions as the game's second boss.


Following the first stage, April alerts the Turtles that Splinter has gone missing. Instead of having been traditionally kidnapped, however, Splinter was placed under mind control. After beating and freeing Splinter, the Turtles head to find the source of the mind control. After slogging their way through armies of mutated rats, Foot Soldiers, Mousers, and other robots, the Turtles encounter the Rat King. After defeating him, the Turtles recognize the Mutagen he'd flung at them and reason that he must be working with "that insane chemist", Baxter Stockman.

Powers and abilities

  • Mind control: Rat King has the ability to control the minds of rats, including Splinter. Percussive therapy seems to be the key method of breaking this control. During his boss fight, Rat King fights alongside many of the rat mutants that the Turtles had fought in previous levels.
  • Transformation: Rat King can make a quick escape by transforming into a cluster of rats and high-tailing for another location in the arena.

Weapons and equipment

  • Mutagen canisters: Rat King throws canisters of mutagen, which have a large splash radius and slow down the Turtles if they get caught in it.
  • Walking stick
  • Bandages: Rat King's head and face are covered in bandages, obscuring his eyes.
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