Raphael Roadhogs
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Leadership, Ninjitsu, Martial arts


Ninja sensei


Ninja Turtles

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Mutant turtle



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After the Bomb


Palladium Books

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Road Hogs

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In a dark future presented by Palladium RPG book Road Hogs we see that an older senile Raphael is seen leading a group group of mutant turtles (three of them, one of which is female) who he has trained in the ninja arts. He sends them to stand upagainst the Road Hogs Gang of marauders. Eventually when the student turtle ninjas are overpowered by the outlaw hogs, Raphael leaps into the fray wielding a pair of sai.


It seems that Raphael is the last of his brothers and is the only to survive this dark future alive. However despite the depressing situation that is caused by this dark future Raphael still holds deep bound of his brothers as seen by how he takes three turtle students along with absent-mindedly calls his pupils "Mike". This strongly indicates that this is an ancient (still alive far in the future) version of Raphael who despite losing all that he has known still remains hopeful and that all he clings to is his fond memories of his brother Mike. Despite all this we see Raphael is a wizened sensei of a new generation of Ninja Turtles. Who are seen competing with other mutants for the almost complete inheritance of the Earth. After it has been taken over by mutant animals following a nuclear holocaust.

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