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New York City


Red Rover (by April)
Raging Red
Red Reign


Big Red (by Hypno-Potamus)
Red One (by Splinter)
The Red One (by Mrs. Cuddles)

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Ninja Turtles

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Mutant snapping turtle



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Rise of TMNT

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Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 0

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Omar Benson Miller

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Raphael is a mutant snapping turtle, and the oldest and leader of the Ninja Turtles. His weapons are a pair of tonfās, which helps him tap into the power of "smash-jutsu".

Physical Appearance

Raphael is large and muscular, with bright green skin, a yellow-orange plastron with a jagged top edge and a spiked dark green carapace. He also has small spikes protruding from his shoulders, black eyes, a small sharp tooth hanging from his upper right jaw, three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. His physical profile is similar to various versions of Slash, most versions of whom are also snapping turtles.

Raph wears a red mask that covers the top of his head (with long jagged mask tails about the same length as Leo's), red elbow pads with a large spike at the joint, off-white bandages around his wrists, hands and ankles, and small bandages on his right side of his plastron and left forearm. He also wears red boxer-briefs and a red belt with a turtle emblem.


Raph has a boisterous and brash personality, preferring to act first and think later when confronted by enemies. However, he can be made anxious by pressure, which is made worse when he becomes self-conscious about it. He has a hard time being mean to people, especially his brothers, shown when he didn't want to make Donnie upset about not liking his gifts, but he will fight with them if they are arguing- such as when he fought Leo over dethroning his wrestling idol Ghost Bear.

Raph appears to have a soft spot for animals, as shown in Mystic Mayhem when he saw Mayhem lost and scared on a construction site. He also seems to be an extreme eater, as shown in Origami Tsunami when he ate a large amount of the salami (including the salami ninja).

Despite his terrible planning skills, Raph truly has his heart in the right place when trying to act as a leader as shown in episodes like "Stuck On You", where he tried to build teamwork and bonding with his younger brothers through them being stuck together in Donnie's FAB spray.

While able to face of mutants relatively easily, he is deeply terrified of plush toys and anything that he can call cute.



As the biggest and oldest brother, Raphael is the self-appointed leader of the group. He thinks he can use his fists to get himself out of any situation. But while Raph's muscles are bigger than his brain, his heart is bigger than his muscles.


  • Strength (Due To Mutation & Species)
  • Speed (Due To Mutation)
  • Durability
  • Acrobatics
  • Stealth
  • Smash-jutsu (Tonfas)
  • Ninjutsu





  • Baron Draxum:
  • Meat Sweats:
  • Warren Stone:
  • Hypno-potamus:
  • Albearto:
  • Foot Clan:
  • Ghostbear: Originally, Raph idolized Ghostbear. However, after the wrestler revealed that he cheated to get his winning streak, Raph now hates him, especially after the wrestler threatens Leo for breaking his "winning" streak.
  • Mrs. Cuddles: At first, Raph has a common fear of the "kid-friendly" mascot, but it wasn't until the events of her titular episode where Raph faces his fear. Upon discovering her kidnapping of his brothers and April, Raph even calls her out as a bully.


  • “Go big or go home!” 
  • "You think you're going to step to our friend? Rookie mistake, hoss."
  • "Stop talking about my fear stink!"
  • "You're flying too close to the bull, and you're gonna get stung." - To Leo during Shell in The Cell
  • "If I’ve learned anything from Jupiter Jim movies, glowing green usually equals bad." - Watching the Oozequitoes
  • "Smash and Bash!"
  • "You know I can't watch this, guys!" - Mrs. Cuddles


  • In the 2018 series, each one of the Turtles comes from a different turtle subspecies.
  • As a snapping turtle, Raphael is sensibly the largest turtle, with a large mouth to match his species (though unlike Raphael, real snapping turtles lack spikes and teeth and they have long tails).
    • Additionally, his attack first approach matches the real snapper's defense: a pain attack on the enemy.
  • Unlike previous incarnations of the Turtles, this version of Raphael is both the oldest turtle and the leader of the team, instead of Leonardo.
    • Also, his weapon of choice will be the tonfā instead of his usual weapon, the sai.
    • If the lyrics to the song Turtle Power is considered, this is the second time Raphael is the leader of the Turtles.
  • This version of Raphael is not the first to wield tonfās or wear a headscarf instead of a headband. The first such appearance of either was in the 1986 Mirage TMNT story The Passing, which takes place when the Mirage Turtles are still preteens in ninja training, all wearing headscarves, and Raphael's primary weapons were tonfās rather than the sais he would wield later on.
Raphael in The Passing
  • Raph and Leo have a brotherly rivalry, much like other incarnations.
  • When describing his leadership role on a live stream, Raph was described as the "reactionary-type leader".
  • According to a behind the scenes video, the only reason that Raph is the leader is because he is the oldest.
    • Raph is also considered to be a "figure it out as he goes" type of leader.
    • In "Mystic Mayhem", it is revealed that Raph chokes under pressure, and that he's even more self conscious when someone talks about it. This proves that Raph may not be fit to be leader. This was also revealed to be the case with the 2012 counterpart of Raph when he briefly took over leadership of the team, in "New Girl in Town" where faced with an injured Michelangelo and having no clue what to do next, he froze.
    • In "Donnie's Gifts", he confesses he is terrible at planning, which is another reason he might not be fit to be leader.
  • Donnie reveals in "Mascot Melee", that Raph is allergic to peanuts.