Raphael 01

Raphael is a Heroclix figurine in the first set release. It is based on his Mirage comics incarnation.


Animal, Martial Artist, TMNT, TMNT Ally

Powers and abilities

  • Fighting through the Swarms: When Raphael hits an opposing character, after actions resolve you may place him in any square adjacent to that character.
  • To fight the Foot! (Charge)
  • Becoming true ninja! (Leap/climb)
  • Sai: Raphael can use Flurry. He deals penetrating damage when making a close attack.
  • Half-Shell (Toughness)
  • Splinter taught us Master Yoshi's techniques (Combat Reflexes)
  • Leo! Stop bossing us around! (Battle Fury)
  • 10 years of training in the sewers (Close Combat Expert)

Point Value: 50
Universe: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1984 Comic Series)


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