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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

As Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures started as an direct adaptation of the popular cartoon series, in the late 1980s, Raphael began to be identical to his animated counterpart. However throughout the course of the series, he is, increasingly similar to his Mirage Comics counterpart, which manifests itself in sarcasm and hot-headedness. As the series began to take on a life of its own, Raphael changed his costume, donning a black bodysuit he got while fighting on Stump Arena (As opposed to his usual red bandanna and pads). When Splinter asked how come Raphael attired himself differently from his brothers, Raphael replied his suit would be of great advantage in the dark. When Splinter asked what occasion he foresees needing the suit, Raphael's clear response that it is night half the time. Although this was an obvious use for his suit and moreso as an actual ninja, Raph may have had a covert intent as well, to express his individuality. Raph eventually discarded this uniform and went back to the usual mask and belt, after it showed no real function. He disliked having to travel in Cudley the Cowlick's mouth.

While the Turtles were in Japan, Raphael formed a relationship with the fox warrior Ninjara (TMNT Adventures # 29), who became his girlfriend in this Archie-comics series. They live together for a long time, but after the Turtles travel to Alaska, they encounter a group of Wolf People (TMNT Adventures # 67). Among them is Mokoshan. Ninjara realizes that she connects less with Raphael and feels attracted to Mokoshan. This eventually leads to the separation of Raphael and Ninjara (TMNT Adventures # 70).

In the future, Raphael will marry a humanoid coyote named Mezcaal and run a restaurant together called Turtle Island.

As opposed to his cartoon counterpart at the time, this Raph showed the same hothead and abrasiveness he had in the movies.

Other Appearances

This version of Raphael made cameo appearances in Turtles Forever and All Tomorrow's Yesterdays.


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