The Witty Voice of the Turtles

Vital Tortistics

Weapons: Sai, Turtle Fist Daggers, Ninja Stars, Kama
Birthplace: Shelly's Pet City, New Hampshell
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 147 lbs. with shell
Age: 15 (people) years
Shell: Hard as old chewing gum

Raphael is the wittiest Turtle you're likely to stumble over. If things aren't going his way, his tongue snaps out sarcastic jokes dipped in poison. Even though he's referred to as the snapping ninja, the other Turtles know he means well.

Raph's clever skill with the deadly sai allows him to strike at a distance and really keep the Foot in stitches. His way with a manhole cover has made him famous in sewers everywhere. Raph uses the 100 pound discs to flatten the Foot and to shield off Anti-Turtle blasts.


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