Raph, the Space Cadet (1990 action figure).jpg

The Zero Gravity Good Guy!

Vital Spacetistics

Favorite Snack: Freeze-dried Pizza Sticks
Favorite Number: 2001
Favorite Saying: "The Turtle has landed!"


Boldly going where no Turtle has gone before, Raph's ready to take the Foot to the final frontier. Equipped with his specially designed sewer space suit, Raph's prepared for those pressureless moments - like when he has to blast ol' Krang in Dimension X. Raph's suit's saturated with all kinds of clever contraptions - from a two-way long-range radio to dual retro-reptile rockets. Armed with his satellite-slicin' space sword and lucky laser luger, Raph's ready to blast-off and knock the Foot Clan clean out of orbit.


  • Satellite-slicin' Space Sword
  • Detachable Helmet
  • Lucky Laser Luger


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