Raph, the green teen beret
The Toughest Tactical Turtle!

Vital Statistics

Accessories: Whip Cream Pistol, Plunger Gun, Anti-Foot Flag, Biting Bulldog Buddy
Favorite Hero: Gomer Reptile
Favorite Weapon: Bare hands

Like a silent green ghost parachuting in the dead of night, Raph is the toughest tactical Turtle to take on the Foot. Trained to tenderize Shredder and rescue April, this guerilla-gripped green good guy always completes his secret sewer mutant missions. Sabotage and espionage are the tools of his trade; for a true Green Teen Beret needs not the weapons of wicked warriors. No, rather, Raph uses his justifiable jungle sense and super soldier skills to make his bare hands his greatest weapon. But if the goin’ gets really rough, Raph’s got wacky weapons to fool the Foot. One shot from his whip cream pistol and he’s just chopped nuts and a cherry away from a victory sundae. So raise the anti-Foot flag high – and wave it proudly. Democracy rules, dudes!


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