The Radical Pizza Racer


  • Two Laser-guided Sewer Sauce Sprayers!
  • Turbo Turtle Super-Spoiler!
  • Mutant Mag Wheels!

Parts Breakdown

  • Turbo Turtle Super-Spoiler, Auxiliary Anchovy Fuel Tank, Mutant Mag Wheels, Cheese-cutting Exhaust Pipes, Two Detachable Sewer Sauce Sprayers, Pizza Gas Barrels, Foot Spikes, Sewer Pipe Chassis, Nitro-Oregano Tank, Double Blower Mutant Engine, Crazy Control Turtle Throttles


"Put the pizza to the pedal and roar off the road with Raph's Turtle Dragster! Pour on the sauce and shoot through the sewers at supersonic speed. This pizza patrolling mutant machine funnels through Foot territory faster than a flush. Raph's ready to blast past onions and minions to savagely sauce Shredder. And he's got the gas to do it too. Nothing can catch him - except maybe Leo's Turtle Trike.


This toy is a direct recolour of the Sewer Dragster (1990 toy).


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