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New York City


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Foot Clan

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Mutant wolf



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Archie Comics
Tundra Publishing

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The Secret of the Ooze

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Dean Clarrain
Jim Lawson

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Rahzar was a mutant wolf that Shredder forced Jordan Perry to create. The other mutant, Tokka, was his playmate and partner-in-crime.


After his battle with the Ninja Turtles and defeat by Splinter, Shredder schemed to enact revenge with a couple of mutants of his own. He had Tatsu kidnap Professor Perry, who worked with mutagen and was disposing the last of it, to have him create a couple for him. The two animals chosen were a wolf and a snapping turtle. The two mutants came out large and fierce, but were actually babies and quite dim. Also unbeknownst to Shredder, Perry had altered the mutagen formula to make them less intelligent. Still, Shredder saw great potential in their strength and loyalty.

Whilst attempting to infiltrate the Foot Clan, the Turtles' new friend Keno was found talking to Raphael. Raph was captured and Keno left to tell April, thus luring the other Turtles into Shredder's trap. At the old junkyard which served as the Foot's temporary base, the other Turtles were captured in a net and were about to be dropped onto some spikes, when Splinter saved them by cutting the net with an arrow. The Turtles fought the Foot and worked to free Raph, but then Shredder called his mutant enforcers, Tokka and Rahzar, to take care of them. The mutants proved to be too much for the Turtles, but during the fight, Tokka threw Donatello into the shack where the Foot kept Professor Perry tied up, and Michelangelo found a manhole. The Turtles and professor fled down into the sewers; Tokka tried to follow them, but his bulk and large shell caused him to get stuck in the manhole.

In an effort to lure the Turtles back out, Shredder had Tokka and Rahzar tear up a small portion of the city. The next day, as she was reporting on it, she was confronted by Freddy, her cameraman who had secretly been working for the Foot, who told her to deliver a message to the Turtles: go face Tokka and Rahzar again, or he would send them out to attack Central Park. Thankfully, Perry had an idea to create an anti-mutagen. Unfortunately, it would need to be eaten.

At the construction site, Shredder sics the mutants on the Turtles, but Leonardo stops them and declares that they need to observe the "ancient ritual" of the "traditional Pre-Fight Doughnut". Tokka and Rahzar dig in, but Shredder is suspicious, and soon, Rahzar does too, revealing the mutagen inside. At this point, all the two mutants have been made is gassy.

The Turtles fled toward the docks, and the two knocked them into a party club. Perry arrived to check in on the results, and deduced that their burping was slowing the process, expelling the carbon dioxide that was essential for the formula. Perry and Donnie notice fire extinguishers, and so the Turtles take them and spray them into Tokka and Rahzar's mouths. They begin to get drowsy, and shortly thereafter, revert back to normal animals.

Powers and abilities

  • Mutant wolf physiology: Rahzar enjoys advantages from being a giant mutant wolf, including neutral weapons in his claws and fangs.
  • Brute strength

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