The Wickedly Wailin' Wolfman!

Vital Wolftistics

Accessories: Reinforced Rib Protector, Spider Hook, Gravestone Shield, Skull Shatterin' Staff
Age: 23 Mutant Wolf Years (That's 3 years for you and me!)
Favorite Food: Teenage Mutant Turtle Chow
Favorite Pastime: Fetch the Turtle
Brain Weight: 3,462 ounces (You figure it out!)

Rahzar was once in the city zoo, until his master, Shredder, rescued him, oozed him - and turned him into one wailin' wolf... without a license! This ravaging rover won't roll over and play dead until the Turtles are sewer soup! Rahzar's a trained top notch Turtle tracker who can smell a shelled hero from here to eternity. He's just not house-broken, so be careful after he downs a dozen donuts, especially the ooze-filled kind!

Sucking up the sweet and sweaty sewer scent near their junkyard playground, Rahzar tosses a scap engine block and plays catch with his friend, Tokka, for fun. And when playtime's over, Rahzar takes up the Foot fight against the Turtles where the movie, "The Secret of the Ooze," left off. The tasty Teens better beware of Rahzar's rippin', razor-sharp paws. One pounce and the Turtles will be turned and torn into tender tummy tidbits. And when Rahzar returns to his roost, Shredder rewards him with a beef-basted beast biscuit.


Rahzar was also issued with a red nose.   


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