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Ragnarok is the eponymous antagonist of the Las Tortugas Ninja issue, Ragnarok. He is a viking who once possessed a magic stone until it was broken in half.


Ragnarok got his hand on a magic stone, but as he was admiring it, his ship crashed into an iceberg, causing Ragnarok to fall out and break the stone in half, leaving only one part of it in his possession.

Upon reaching shore in the North Pole, he used his half of the stone to mutate the walrus population to destroy the polar ice cap in order to find the other half of the stone. However, whenever he saw fit to, he would kill the mutant walruses, leaving Ruk the only one known.

The damage to the Arctic began quickly flooding the earth, leaving the Tortugas Ninja and Moycat to head to the North Pole and investigate. They found Ruk being whipped by a slavedriver and took him out. Then, they came across Ragnarok, who knocked the team down with a blast from the stone half. Ruk revealed that he had recovered the missing half of the stone, but he, too, was attacked by Ragnarok's stone, knocking the half he had from him.

Moycat grabbed onto the loose half, but was threatened at swordpoint by Ragnarok. Leonardo came to his rescue, challenging him to a swordfight, which the turtle had won. Ragnarok then kicked a nearby Rafael and scrambled for Moycat, swiping the long-lost stone half. Upon obtaining both halves now, Ragnarok was able to grow to massive proportions, easily knocking down the Tortugas and Moycat.

Fortunately for the heroes, the Norse god Balder randomly showed up and froze Ragnarok literally in his tracks, then healed Ruk and restored the icecaps.

Weapons and equipment

  • Sword
  • Magic stone: A stone with many magical powers, which still held a lot of power even after being broken in half.
    • Power blasts: Ragnarok is capable of creating concussive blasts of force from the stone.
    • Mutation: Ragnarok used half of the stone to mutate the North Pole's walrus population. Unlike other magic sources which can anthropomorphize, it was specifically stated by Ruk that he and his species were mutated.
    • Size expanse: After recovering the lost piece of the stone, Ragnarok was able to increase his size, and very likely his strength as well.

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