The Utrom Queen (as the name suggests) is the queen of all Utrom. She is also a member of the benign Utrom Council and primarily uses a Ms. Campbell droid as her method of mobility and communication.


The War for Dimension X[]

The Queen is first seen when the Turtles and Prof. Honeycutt arrive to speak to the Utrom Council in regards to the Heart of Darkness as since they have one piece already, they need to know where the other two are. The Queen explains how the Utrom used to have individual personalities until Kraang Prime, formerly an Utrom scientist, became interested in the mutagen from the Kraathatrogon, and was mutated from it, allowing him to take control of many Utrom and make them into obedient Kraang. The Queen and the other members are hesitant to help, but the Queen is convinced by Mikey to aid them. Before they can disclose the location of the other two pieces, the Utrom Council is attacked by Kraang Subprime and several Kraangdroids and Biotroids. In the firefight, the Queen's human disguise of Miss Campbell is incapacitated by electrical shock, and the Queen herself is captured by Kraang Subprime to be taken back and interrogated by him. She refuses to disclose any of the Utrom secrets to him, and before he can torture her for information, she is rescued by Mikey and Raph, aided by their Salamandrian allies, Mona Lisa and Sal Commander. Bishop and the other Utrom soon arrive to aid in the rescue of the Queen, and after a hard fight against many Kraangdroids, Bio-troids, Kraang Subprime himself, and a Dracodroid, the Utroms are victorious as the rest of the Kraang flee after Kraang Subprime is presumed killed after the Dracodroid crashed into the Kraang Scout Ship he was on, with several Kraangdroids taken into custody and the Queen thanking the Salamandrians for their help. While as for the Salamandrians, they realize that not all Kraang are as evil as they originally thought. Also, as thanks for rescuing her, the Queen has Bishop show the Turtles where they can find the remaining two pieces of the Heart of Darkness so they can destroy it forever and save the Earth.

When Worlds Collide, part 1[]

Queen and the rest of the Utrom High Council are deeply concerned when they see a rogue Salamandrian, known to the Turtles as the Newtralizer, attacking their fellow Utrom, and assign Bishop to go to Earth to investigate with support from the Earth Protection Force. When Bishop retreats back to the High Council chamber, joined by the Turtles, April, Karai, and their Salamandrian allies in Mona Lisa and Sal Commander, Newtralizer follows them and takes out Queen's Miss Campbell body before trying to attack her alongside Rook and Pawn before Bishop is able to have Sal Commander knock Newtralizer back through a portal to New York City, sparing Queen and the other council members from being Newtralizer's next victims.





When in her Ms. Campbell droid, Queen sports a different color palette to the Miss Campbell used by the Kraang. Her clothes are gray, her hair is a mixture of cyan and gray, her skin is lighter, and her lips are cyan. When forced to abandon it, she looks similar to all Utrom and Kraang in appearance, but sports a silver tiara with a cyan gem in the center to identify her as the Utrom leader.

Like Kraang Subprime, she is also seen to be able to speak fluent English in her normal Utrom appearance, without the need of a translator like other Utrom or Kraang.


  • In each of her appearances, Queen's Miss Campbell body was disabled by electrocution, forcing her to abandon it.
  • Her tiara bears a design resemblance to Elsa's queen tiara from the popular Disney film, Frozen.

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