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Supreme Commander and Emperor Quanin was a short sighted Utrom warlord and the father of Krang in the IDW comics series.


Quanin made it clear that even if Krang became a ruler he would never become a leader. Krang attempted to prove his worth to his father by secretly joining a squad which attempted to retake control of a prison that was taken over by Traxus, one of his father's enemies. Krang killed his father's enemy and modified his body to use it for a transportation and took control of the prison. When his father saw that, he become proud of him and for the first time in a long time called him "my son."

Quanin conquered many planets in pursuit of an Utrom Empire. Unfortunately, Quanin’s success made him many enemies and Utrominon was eventually attacked by fleets of ships. Professor Zayton Honeycutt realized that the war effort was draining the planet Utrominon of a vital substance called ooze which kept both the planet and the Utroms alive. Quanin brushed off the claim and continued his war effort until the ooze consumption left Utrominon uninhabitable and killed most of the Utroms, including Quanin himself.

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