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The Purple Dragons, (or Purple Dragon Gang), are a New York City street gang in several of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continuities. The Purple Dragon Gang is from the Lower East Side in New York City. In all continuities, they are the toughest gang on the East Side. They often are led by Hun and have some connection to the Shredder and the Foot Clan, though not always. They are particularly known for their salient transition icon, the image of a purple dragon, which they wear as either a tattoo or on their clothes. They mostly commit robberies, extortion, and intimidation.

The Purple Dragons appear in the 2012 TV series. But this time, they consist of only three members. They all appear to be Chinese American and wreak havoc in their local Chinatown. Their headquarters is the Killer Cookie Fortune Cookie Co.


Never Say Xever - It's their first appearance, where they have been threatening businessmen for protection money such as Mr. Murakami, but when he refused to pay they attacked his store. Thanks to Leonardo showing mercy to Fong, they were able to escape. The Dragons later agreed to tell the Turtles location to Xever Montes and Chris Bradford who were looking for them, for a price, but the Turtles already tracked the gang to their hideout in a fortune cookie factory. A fight breaks out, but the Turtles escape when the Foot Clan arrives. Soon the Dragons, Xever, and the Foot kidnap Murakami and threaten to toss him off of a roof. Eventually, Fong, as payback for sparing his life, throws Leo his sword back and they are able to defeat the Foot.

Panic in the Sewers - April O'Neil tricks them into accepting a pizza with a recorder on it, allowing her and the Turtles to learn of their plans to help the Shredder destroy the sewers. The Dragons assist Chris Bradford, now Dogpound, in stealing a shipment of chlorosulfonic acid, and they kidnap April for spying on them. While only one member of the Purple Dragons, Fong, participated in the mission, he drove the van that held April until it crashed, when Donatello threw a smoke bomb to distract him. Raphael released spikes to pop the van's tires. Fong was then defeated when April kicked the car door in his face.

Mousers Attack! - The Purple Dragons steal April's cell phone. When the Turtles go to the Dragons' hideout to retrieve the phone, Baxter Stockman's Mousers burrow into the building and steal all the Dragons' loot. Fong uses the distraction to escape with April's phone and takes it to Dogpound. He plans to use it to get information on the Turtles, but they cannot unlock it. Meanwhile Tsoi and Sid follow Leo and Raphael into the Mousers' tunnel to find out who stole their stuff. They capture Stockman and bring him to Dogpound, who only spares him so he can hack into April's phone. All three of the Dragons escape after the Turtles attack and the building is overrun with Mousers.

Pulverizer - They appear stealing Kraang Tech for Baxter Stockman in order for him to build legs for Xever Montes, now Fishface. They were first stopped by the Pulverizer, who they soundly beat until the Turtles show up and even the fight. 

Showdown - They make a cameo attacking a civilian until they see the Kraang's Technodrome.

The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones - They prove to be less than match for Casey Jones, and are almost severely injured when he fights them, until Raphael intervenes.

Pizza Face - They appear among the civilians controlled by Antonio.

A Chinatown Ghost Story - They free Ho Chan from his dagger prison and as a reward, he gives them the powers of lightning, thunder and wind. Later, Ho takes back their powers because they are a bunch of "losers."

Casey Jones VS. The Underworld - The Purple Dragons were robbing a bank until Casey Jones arrived and defeated Fong, Sid, and Tsoi. Their new leader, Hun, appeared and outfought Casey before the Dragons got away without the money. It was mentioned in the Shredder's discussion with Don Vizioso that the Foot Clan has control over the Purple Dragons and other Asian gangs through Hun. The Purple Dragons were able to obtain specific chemicals for the Shredder that came from a factory on their turf.

The Noxious Avenger - Fong, Sid, and Tsoi appear trying to mug a man until they were beaten up by Muckman and dumped into a dumpster.

Meet Mondo Gecko - The Purple Dragons are first seen attempting to steal priceless valuables while Mikey, Casey and Mondo were hanging out on the rooftops. They were defeated by Mikey and Casey, who leaves his "calling card" on Fong's forehead. Hun is later seen watching the underground race between Michelangelo, Mondo Gecko, Casey Jones and Fishface.

Broken Foot -

Bat in the Belfry -


  • Hun (voiced by Eric Bauza) - The new and official leader of the Purple Dragons who is an expert martial artist.
  • Fong (voiced by Andrew Kishino) - A skinny and young Purple Dragons member who was the leader, but is now second-in-command. He uses a butcher knife as weapon. The episode Never Say Xever revolves around Leo showing him mercy. Fong once secretly repaid Leo during the Turtles fight with Xever.
  • Tsoi (voiced by James Sie) - A member of the Purple Dragons with a mustache. He uses a sledge hammer.
  • Sid (voiced by Andrew Kishino) - The biggest and strongest of the three Purple Dragons. He does not use a weapon.