Punk don
The Pierced Punker of Kickin’ Keyboards!

Accessories: Punk-Funk Flute Bo, Record Flyin’ Discs, Kickin’ Keyboard
Longest Solo: 40 nights – entitled “If I Stop Playing, Will You Still Like Me?”
Favorite Song: “Don’s Big Time Solo”

Listen up, spudheads, Punker Don isn’t a scum sucking, stage divin’ sewer head. He’s a kickin’ kowabunga keyboardist of calamity. He’s gonna slam dance the Foot into submission! This mutant mohawk of mayhem will make mincemeat outta any mindless minion who can’t rock ‘n roll. He’ll crank your cranium with his punk-funk flute bo, then slide you on the inside with a flip of his flyin’ record discs. But be wise dudes: the only thing more grating than Don’s music is Shredder’s armor. So watch the wax blast out of your ears – cuz the punk-sonic sounds of Don have dawned!


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