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Punk Frogs
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Lousiana (current)
North Hampton (former)

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Ninja Turtles

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Mutant Frogs

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2012 TV series

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Buried Secrets (cameo)
The Croaking (debut)

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Punk Frogs are a group of mutant frogs that were allies of the Turtles.


Buried Secrets - The frogs make their first appearance as normal frogs who have found the mutagen dumped in the woods by the Mrs. O'Neil's clone.

The Croaking - The frogs reveal their plan on using mutagen to conquer the world and destroy civilization, but Michelangelo's friendship with Napoleon made the difference and at the end the frogs went to Louisiana.

Invasion of the Punk Frogs

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This is the Channel 6 news' website article about the Punk Frogs' attack written by Chalky Packard that appeared in The Croaking.

"Local campsites have been ravaged by what witnesses call "green lizard-like monsters on two legs". Though the specific taxonomy of the suspects is not known, locals have dubbed them "The Punk Frogs". "They got supremely offended when we called them toads. That's when they started angrily throwing our gears around." recalls shaken eyewitnesses J. Fishman and J. Farmer. Thus the "Punk" in their nickname seems not to reflect their anti-establishment views or their musical taste, but just their general disruptive demeanor.

Police have declined to comment further on the case, but our sources claim that they may have come from across the pond (not the idiomatic pond, as in United Kingdom, though it is extremely confusing in conjunction with "Punk" in their nickname). They have been sighted as early as last July, and has erupted the quiet town with fear. "I can't even get myself to go outside and throw out the garbage." complains local hoarder, F. Smith. It is unclear if he is referring to his fear of the suspects, of his overall fear of the outside world. However many seem to share the paranoia.

While most cower in fear of these hoodlums, a few like C. Chow of the Amphibianic Friendship society seem to welcome them with open arms. We spoke to him in his home filled with glass frog figurines (see related article 'Town Hoarded with Hoarders') "Frogs in general are gentle creatures, and I'm sure they don't mean any harm. I mean look at the police sketches - they're cute!" While his optimism (and questionable taste) is a breath of fresh air in a time of crisis, it must be noted he does seem to overlook their rather carnivorous nature, "Some think we don't have to worry because frogs eat flies, and giant frogs will probably eat giant flies, but just think about it... Human sized flies don't exist!! They're going to eat us! We're doomed!" exclaims D. Downer, the [...] pessimist in town."



  • This version of the Punk Frogs seem similar to the monsters in the Frogtown sci-fi movie series especially Attila and Rasputin's plan to turn all humans into frogs is similar to the plan of the villains in The Return to Frogtown sequel.


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