Punk Frogs

The Punk Frogs were a group of mutant frogs that were allies of the Turtles. They first appeared in the 1987 TV series episode Invasion of the Punk Frogs.


The Punk Frogs were originally simple frogs that eked out an existence in the Florida Everglades, until the Shredder one day chose to create new mutants to fight the Turtles. He asked Krang to send a Mutagen canister through the dimensional portal of the Technodrome from Dimension X, but an ion storm caused a disturbance during transport, and the canister landed instead in the Florida Everglades. The Punk Frogs were created when the leaked mutagen landed near four frogs in a Florida swamp, and turned the frogs, which had recently been picked up by a small boy, into humanoid mutants.

Soon the Shredder, who followed the coordinates of the canister, found the frogs, and decided to take them into his service. Shredder convinced them that he was a good guy and to be his warriors. He trained them to fight the Turtles whom he had convinced the frogs into believing were bad guys. Each of the frogs were named after Shredder's own personal historical 'heroes'. First he sent the frogs on raids to steal money and chemicals to make more mutagen. When the Anti-Turtle Squad under Captain Hoffman tried to capture the mutants, the Turtles saved their lives. After the Turtles saved them from being captured by Captain Hoffman, Splinter made them realize that the Turtles were good guys and that the Shredder was a bad guy. The four frogs renounced the Shredder.

A trick by the Frogs and Turtles led the Shredder to Stonewall Prison in search of Nyotrinaline which Shredder needed for the production of mutagen. Through his tracking device, Hoffman located the Turtles again and landed in a helicopter with some of his men on the roof of the prison. But by the special exploding arrows of the Punk Frog, Rasputin, the entrance to the whereabouts of the Turtles and the Punk Frogs was buried, so that they could escape again. Afterward, the frogs became friends with the Turtles, with Attila emerging as the group's leader. They returned to the Everglades, but visited their new friends at every opportunity. They may even be described as having the character traits of the Ninja Turtles.




  • Despite their group name, the Punk Frogs' clothes and attitudes are from a surfer dude style instead of a punk style.
  • Unlike the Turtles the Frogs hate Pizza, although in the episode Big Bug Blunder, Genghis and Napoleon learned to like pizza.
  • One of them one time said, “Does that mean run?“ .. it was funny.
  • They have accents.
  • Despite being named after historical tyrants and warlords, the frogs do not share such traits.


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