The Punk Frogs were a group of Florida-born mutant frogs that were allies of the Turtles. They first appeared in the 1987 TV series episode "Invasion of the Punk Frogs". They have broadly similar (but more mild-mannered) personalities to the four turtles, with Attila emerging as the group's leader.


The Punk Frogs were originally simple frogs that eked out an existence in the Florida Everglades, until the Shredder one day chose to create new mutants to fight the Turtles. He asked Krang to send a Mutagen canister through the dimensional portal of the Technodrome from Dimension X, but an ion storm caused a disturbance during transport, and the canister landed instead in the Florida Everglades. The Punk Frogs were created when the leaked mutagen landed near four frogs in a Florida swamp, and turned the frogs (which had recently been picked up by a small boy) into humanoid mutants.

Shredder followed the coordinates of the canister and found the frogs. Seeing their calm but naive attitudes, he decided to take them into his service under the ruse of being a hero himself fighting against evil mutant turtles. Perhaps to encourage the ironically peaceful frogs, he naming each after an infamous warring historical figure. He sent the frogs on raids to steal money and chemicals to make more mutagen. When the Anti-Turtle Squad under Captain Hoffman tried to capture the mutants, the Turtles saved their lives. After Splinter clarified the situation, the four frogs renounced the Shredder.

A trick by the Frogs and Turtles led the Shredder to Stonewall Prison in search of Nyotrinaline, a substance needed for the production of mutagen. Through his tracking device, Hoffman located the Turtles again and landed in a helicopter with some of his men on the roof of the prison. However, Rasputin would use his trick arrows to demolish the path to the heroes, allowing them to escape. They returned to the Everglades, but visited their new friends at every opportunity.



  • Despite their group name, the Punk Frogs' aesthetic had more in common with their state of origin Florida; Gentle, Southern mannerisms mixed with a beach-boy manner of dress.
  • While Genghis and Napoleon come around to the idea, the Frogs originally admitted they disliked Pizza.


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