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The Punk Frogs were a group of Mutant Frogs that were allies of the Turtles. They first appeared in the 1987 TV series episode Invasion of the Punk Frogs.

1987 series

The Punk Frogs were created when mutagen sent by Krang landed near four frogs in a Florida swamp and soon the frogs grew into human size. Soon Shredder appeared and convinced them that he was a good guy and to be his warriors. Shredder trained them to fight the Turtles whom he had convinced the frogs into believing were bad guys. Each of the frogs were named after Shredder's own 'heroes'.

After the Turtles saved them from being captured by Captain Hoffman, they realized that the Turtles were good guys and that the Shredder was a bad guy and broke ties with him. Afterward, the frogs became friends with the Turtles, with Attila emerging as the group's leader. They may even be described as having the character traits of the Ninja Turtles.



Attila, Genghis, and Rasputin make a brief cameo in the first episode of Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen: Super Turtles in Danger! The Denut of the Saint! as a tornado crosses Miami wetlands.


  • Despite their group name, the Punk Frogs' clothes and attitudes are from a surfer dude style instead of a punk style.


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