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Mutant Town




Mutanimals enforcer


Mighty Mutanimals
Bandit (boyfriend)

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Mutant platypus



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None (brown fur)

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First appearance

TMNT #101

Created by

Sophie Campbell

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Puggle is a human-born mutant platypus and mutagen bomb victim who, during the six-month time skip between issue #100: City at War, part 8 and issue #101, became one of the residents in the newly-quarantined Manhattan neighborhood of Mutant Town. Puggle, along with some other fellow mutants such as Bandit (his boyfriend) and Diamond, was recruited into Old Hob's Mighty Mutanimals to help enforce Hob's interests within the neighborhood's walls.

In issue #101, Puggle and Bandit caught Mona Lisa carrying an unauthorized quantity of food which she had actually stolen from the Mutanimals' food bank, which Mona had intended to donate to Alopex's shelter. The two enforcers started trying to rough Mona up, but Jennika came to her rescue and easily defeated the enforcers. But Puggle and Bandit returned with Diamond, an even more powerful enforcer, and Diamond severely injured Jenny as the other two enforcers seized Mona. In issue #102, Sally Pride, a Mutanimals commander, was on a nearby rooftop visiting with Raphael and Pepperoni when they witnessed the fight. As Diamond was openly pondering whether to kill Jenny, Sally stepped in and disciplined the enforcers, announcing their impending demerits and terminating Diamond's employment on the spot.

In issue #105, Puggle and Bandit appeared in Kennel Klub, where they were revealed to be regular visitors. The couple approached Jennika, still angry and ready to get back at her for Puggle's duckbill earlier, but any potential violence was prevented by the peaceful intervention of Leonardo and Michelangelo. When Mikey revealed that he had never visited a music club before, it was the icebreaker needed for Mikey and Puggle to start socializing.



Mutant platypus artwork in Mutants Down Under, drawn by Jim Lawson.

  • This character's name is taken from puggle, a chiefly Australian colloquialism referring to a baby platypus or baby echidna.
  • Puggle's design was inspired by art of a mutant platypus featured in Mutants Down Under, a supplement to After the Bomb, a tabletop role playing game by Palladium Books. Puggle's creator Sophie Campbell stated that the fingerless gloves and spiked ball-and-chain were inspired by those appearing in the original Jim Lawson artwork.
  • Puggle wears a Mutanimals emblem on his right shoulder during his appearances in TMNT #101-102, but it is absent when he reappears at the Kennel Klub in TMNT #105. According to Sophie Campbell, all Mutanimals at the time were supposed to wear clothing with the emblem while on the job, but Puggle is too big for anything to fit his upper body, so he bears it directly on his shoulder. But what he wears is not a tattoo, but actually body paint.[1]


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