The Turtle-terrorizing Turbo-trike


  • Mutant Buzzard, Pollution-powered Exhaust Pipes, Nitro-vermin Auxiliary Fuel Tank, Three Hover Pods, Vermin-infested Pizza Flywheel, Turtle Poking Sides Spikes, Adjustable Psycho Blaster, Turtle Skull Headlight, Turtle Tank, Turtle Scraper, Radical Road Turtle Ripcord


"Now you can be a real road hog with the Foot's Psycho Cycle, a power hungry, super speed bike that plays smash 'n bash with the Turtles' Sewer Dragster. Hop of the chopper that takes you anywhere - and fast! Don't waste time trying to kick-start this vehicle - just yank the rip cord and feel the breeze as you blast off! And don't worry about getting lost - you've got the navigational Mutant Buzzard on board. So steer through the sewers with your very own Psycho Cycle!!!"


This toy was remade into Leo's Turtle Trike (1991 toy).


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