Pro pilot don
The Dogfightin’ Do-gooder!

Accessories: Bail Out Party Parachute, Aviator Airplane Pistol, Hard-Headed Helmet with High Altitude Oxygen System, Anti-Foot Flag
Favortie Phrase: “Bombs away!”
Enemy Aircraft Shot Down: Pogocopter (254 times!)

The cockpit will never be the same with Pro Pilot Don, the dogfihtin’ do-gooder! He’s got the fever to fly and the fuel to float. With his eagle eye, Don’s ready to engage any enemy aircraft. Equipped with a high altitude oxygen system, Pro Pilot Don can soar to supersonic speeds as he patrols the Foot-infested skies, on an unending quest for peace and pizza for all. So cover your head, cuz when Don flies, the Foot fall fast and flat.


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