Private porknose bebop
The Stupid Soldier of Misfortune!

Vital Porktistics

Accessories: Reptile Rippin’ Rifle, Fizzlin’ Foot Grenades, Lead Launchin’ Pistol
Favorite Battle: The Battle of the Bulge
Favorite Dish: Mutant Rations

The Foot are fighting back, and Bebop’s been promoted all the way up to the rank to Private! The Foot soldiers are sick of the Turtles always beating them up, so now it’s war! Private Porknose Bebop is the latest in frontline Mutant Military Foot technology. First off, he’s dumb. Secondly, he’s strong. Thirdly, he’s dumb. Fourthly, he’s got a ton of Turtle terrorizing weapons o’ war, like the reptile rippin’ rifle and fizzlin’ Foot grenades. You can be sure this overgrown porker is one big bumbling bad boy. And when the fightin’ is hand-to-hand, he’s been known to pull out his lead launchin’ pistol and let the good guys have it! Turtles of the free world beware! There’s an idiot waiting to get you!


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