Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Koya "...I should be dead. But... Maybe I've been resurrected. Maybe to wreak vengeance."

Bludgeon "Yeah, maybe. You said you had a vision, too?"

Koya "I think I saw a spirit, a gigantic bird. And I had my wings again. In the vision, I mean."

Koya "They were beautiful and deadly..."

Bludgeon "Hm..."

Bludgeon "Could it have something to do with your bird? This thing...?"

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Koya "Don't touch it! You'll contaminate it!!"

Bludgeon "Well... I can see a strange aura on it."

Bludgeon "Who knows what other curses and creatures were in that cave..."

Koya "Whatever, Bludgeon. You don't know what I saw. I'll get that spirit to come back, then I'll make you understand."

Koya "Ugh! It wasn't like this! The tree was burned and destroyed! Aaaagh"

Bludgeon "Koya..."

Bludgeon "I believe you, but... I wish you could find peace."

Bludgeon "I wish you would accept what's happened to you."

Koya "How dare you."

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Koya "I've accepted my place."

Koya "I've accepted that I was forcefully changed..."

Koya "...But I will not let Leonardo go unchanged!"

Koya "And I don't need to fly to do that."

Koya "Those turtles stole pieces of both of us."

Koya "You act like you're enlightened but you're the one who hasn't accepted anything."

Koya "I'm trying to move forward and be someone new, and I won't let you stand in my way."

Bludgeon "Koya. Your aura..."

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Bludgeon "...That thing's energy is all over you..."



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