Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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[My name is Hamato Yoshi.]

[I am also called Splinter.]

[In two lifetimes, I have been a ninja master and I have been a father.]

[As a ninja, I have worked diligently to train my mind and my body to withstand and overcome a warrior's many trials and tribulations.]

[I have strived for absolute discipline through both victory and defeat.]

[But as for fatherhood, no amount of training...]

[...No amount of discipline...]

[...Could have prepared me for the utter joy it has brought to me my two lifetimes.]

[Nor the immeasurable pain.]

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[Throughout it all, I have endeavored to maintain my honor.]

[In the face of evil, I have never compromised my principles.]

[A dogmatic pursuit of righteousness that has created an eternal enemy.]

[Taken my beloved wife.]

[Stolen my home.]

[And even though they were spared for a time...]

[...My unyielding adherence to strict ideologies made innocent victims of my four precious sons as well.]

[All my best intentions transformed into a nightmarish curse, and I could only pray that justice would somehow, someday be served.]

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[Amazingly, the universe answered my prayers, though in a most mysterious fashion.]

[My beautiful sons and I had been returned from our untimely deaths...]

[...Newly formed and trapped in a far future time and place.]

[But fate and destiny would not be denied, and we soon found ourselves free and metamorphosed ever closer to the humanity we had lost centuries before.]

[Yet once more ad odds with the very same ignoble enemy from our ancient history.]

[Haunted echoes of the past resounding again, and defying all logical explanation.]


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[...But no less deadly.]

[Donatello. My son. My hero.]

[He very nearly lost his life so others could live on. Not just his family...]

[...But the entire world.]

[And now he exists between two worlds.]

[His broken body confined to this bed.]

[His indomitable soul trapped within a machine.]

[He has given so much to this war. So as his family—as his fellow warriors—we will honor his sacrifice.]

[As we care for the fallen...]

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[...And as we continue to fight.]

Michelangelo "Hey, guys, no sign of the Mutanimals anywhere..."

Mikey "...And I looked high and low, trust me."

Raphael "Gotta go pretty stinkin' low if you're lookin' for Hob and his crew."

Leonardo "At least you tried, Mikey. I have my doubts they'd help us even if you did find them..."

(Leo) "...Seems like everyone's out for themselves now that Shredder's out of the picture."

Raph "Look at that, wouldja?"

Raph "Purple Dragons struttin' around like a buncha chickens with their heads cut off."

Leo "Except they don't seem too chicken about getting caught. They've definitely gotten more reckless lately."

Mikey "Probably 'cause they don't have Hun bossin' them around so much anymore."

Mikey "Dumb thugs can't think for themselves."

Leo "Dumb for sure, but being leaderless makes them more unpredictable and dangerous, too. "all wrong-doing arises because of mind." "

Leo "At least that's how Sensei puts it."

Raph "Well, however you zenheads say it, one thing's for sure—"

Raph "—Right when we think we got things figured out, they go and get all crazy on us again..."

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(Raph) "...Just like always."

(Mikey) "Yeah—it seems like yesterday when the Foot were just tryin' to take over the streets..."

(Mikey) "Back when those Savate dudes were still around."

(Raph) "Man. I thought those French guys were tough but Shredder's goons tore through 'em like 'nothin'."

(Raph) " 'Course it didn't hurt havin' you on their side, Leo."

(Leo) "Not exactly my choice."

(Mikey) "Yeah—Leo was brainwashed, Raph!"

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(Raph) "I'm just sayin', havin' Leo as their ace-in-the-hole gave 'em a huge advantage."

(Leo) "I guess. I'm just glad you guys pulled me out of that mess."

(Mikey) "Hey, no way we were gonna let you down, big bro!"

(Raph) "Mikey's right. We're family—"

(Raph) "—In this thing together all the way, no matter what."

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(Mikey) "Too bad not all families are as tight as us—might be a better world. I mean, just look at poor Casey and his dad."

(Leo) "Yeah, his and Hun's relationship is pretty dysfunctional."

(Raph) "Only thing dysfunctional in that relationship's Hun's puny brain, Leo."

(Leo) "Maybe, Raph. At least Casey's been able to turn his back on that life."

(Mikey) "Angel, too. The stuff she does as Nobody is totally amazing!"

(Raph) "What about Alopex? One minute she was Shredder and Karai's little lapdog..."

(Raph) "...Next minute she shows up outta nowhere askin' to be on Angel's team. Sometimes the world goes bonkers in good ways, huh?"

(Mikey) "You just think it's good 'cause you get to hang out with Alopex more. Raph and Alopex, sittin' in tree, K-I-S—"

(Raph) "Shut up, Mikey!"

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(Leo) "Yeah, well, it wasn't like it took long for Karai to replace Alopex."

(Raph) "Stinkin' Bebop and Rocksteady. I swear, they'll get theirs if it's the last thing I do."

(Mikey) "Don't forget the good mutants, guys."

(Raph) "If you're talkin' 'bout Old Hob and his Mutanimals, Mikey, I can think of a lotta other words besides 'good' to describe 'em."

(Mikey) "Hey, they've made some mistakes..."

(Mikey) "...But you gotta admit they've been there for us when we've needed 'em, too."

(Mikey) "And not just them. We'd be way worse off without April."

(Leo) "Yeah, Mike—I don't know where we'd be without her."

(Leo) "Heck, the same goes for Donnie's science pal Harold for that matter."

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(Raph) "Whatever. I just want to get rid of all the yahoos in our lives."

(Leo) "Well, at least we can check General Krang and Shredder off that list, Raph."

(Leo) "Those two hating each other's guts has really helped us strategically."

(Raph) "It's just too bad they didn't waste each other the first time they tangled."

(Raph) "Woulda saved us a lot of problems."

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(Leo) "Still, that skirmish did open some tactical doors for us, Raph."

(Leo) "Donnie's idea for using Metalhead to get to Shredder was genius."

(Leo) "Talking the Foot into attacking Krang's island via the teleporter in Harold's lab was a fantastic plan."

(Raph) " 'Cept the part about Shredder leavin' Bebop and Rocksteady behind to guard Donnie."

Page 12


(Leo) "Even the best plans go out the window once the fighting starts, Raph..."

(Leo) "...And not just for us."

(Leo) "Shredder's plot wasn't as rock-solid as he figured, either."

(Raph) "True that. Didn't work out so good for him, did it?"

(Leo) "Let's hope so, Raph..."

Page 13

(Leo) "...Because after what those psychos did to Donnie..."

(Leo) "...We could really use some good luck to fall out way."

(Mikey) "C'mon, Leo—bad as it was, things coulda been so much worse."

(Mikey) "...Donnie woulda been a total goner."

(Raph) "Yeah, well, I gotta wonder, Mike, the way Donnie is now..."

(Mikey) "Least we had Fugitoid and Harold on our side. Without them..."

Page 14

Raph "...Maybe alive's not exactly an accurate way of puttin' it."

Mikey "No way, Raph! Donnie's alive! And Fugitoid's gonna totally fix him back to normal, you'll see."

Leo "Gotta agree with Mikey. Where there's life, there's hope."

Raph "Yeah, I guess you're right. Speakin' of not bein' alive, you really think ol' Shredhead kicked the bucket on Burnow Island?"

Leo "Well, Fugitoid said there's no way any human could've survived the Technodrome's terraform ray. But Shredder tends to be full of surprises, so who knows."

Mikey "Uh oh, guys—check it out..."

Mikey "...Looks like those 'bangers just went from struttin' and spray paintin' to car jackin'."

Leo "Then maybe we should go down there and do something about it, fellas."

Mikey "Yeah—isn't that a little bit un-ninja-like, bro? We'll be exposed."

Leo "Well, seems to me, the way the rules keep changing..."

Leo "...It might be the right time for us to break a few."

Raph "Pinch me, Mikey—I'm dreamin'."

Mikey "You're not dreamin', bro."

Raph "Best patrol ever!"

Mikey "...You're just wastin' time!"

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Leo "Nice of you to join us, Raph."

Mikey "Yeah, bro—you're laggin'!"

Raph "I was too busy havin' a heart attack from shock."

Raph "It ain't like you to punch first like this, Leo."

Raph "Not that I'm complainin'."

Leo "Well, if the last few months have taught me anything..."

Leo "...It's that sometimes you gotta take things head on!"


Mikey "Don't worry, Leo—we don't tell Father on you."

Leo "I'm not worried, Mike."

Leo "After everything that's happened, I think Master Splinter would approve."

Punk "Grff!"

Raph "Well, I know I do!"

Hun "So do I..."

Mikey "Uh oh."

Page 16

Hun "...Saves me the trouble of huntin' you nasty mutants down."

Mikey "Great. Hun."

Raph "Thought I smelled somethin' rank."

Hun "That's a pretty good trick, turtle..."

Hun "...For a green freak with no nose."

Hun "Well... What're we waitin' for?"

Leo "Heads up, guys!"

Hun "No, turtle..."

Hun "...Heads off!"

Leo "Whoa!"

Page 17

Raph "For Casey, you deadbeat scum!"

Hun "Yer right!"


Raph "Uff!"

Hun "This is for Casey—all of it! You monsters made him hate me."

Hun "Now I'm gonna make you hate..."

Hun "...That you were even born!"

Bludgeon "Hun! Karai sent us to find you..."

Hun "Oh... No."

Bludgeon "...She wants to know why you skipped out on her when that rat and his crew attacked."

Bludgeon "She's a little concerned about your loyalty to the Foot."

Koya "Wait, Bludgeon—what do we have here? The turtles, too?"

Koya "The filthy human will have to wait—"

Koya "—It's time for a reptile feast."

Bludgeon "Heh. I like your sense of priority, Koya."

Hun "Forget this!"

Page 18

Mikey "Uh, Leo, I'm all for breakin' rules and stuff, but I think we're about to get our skulls broken instead."

Leo "We've got no choice."

Leo "We're gonna have to fight our way out."

Raph "Fine by me!"

Bludgeon "And by us!"

Donatello (Metalhead) "Guys, look out!"


Bludgeon "What the—"

Donnie "A warning shot, that's what."

Donnie "Move even a millimeter and the next one won't be."

Mikey "Yes! It's Donnie!"

Donnie "Get ready, fellas..."

Donnie "...Because we are out of here!"


Bludgeon "They're getting away."

Koya "For now. Their days are numbered—we will avenge our master yet."

Koya "Until then..."

Page 19

"...Let the cowards run."

Donnie "Too fast! Can't st--"



Leo "Whoa, Donnie, are you okay?"

Donnie "I'm good, Leo. Still trying to figure out how to use this new body is all."

Donnie "It's a bit complicated."

Raph "Complicated? They're called brakes, genius."

Raph "Seriously, though, it's good to see you kickin' butt again, man."

Mikey "Yeah, robo-bro. That was totally awesome!"

Donnie "Don't mention it, guys."

Donnie "I'm just glad to be back in the fight."

Leo "And we're glad to have you."

Leo "That was a close one... I should've known better than to let my emotions dictate my tactics."

Mikey "So, what now?"

Leo "Now we go home. I don't want to push our luck anymore."

Raph "Whatever. We woulda walloped those dorks eventually."

Donnie "No, Raph, Leo's right--we do have to be more careful moving forward."

Donnie "Despite all we've been through, something tells me..."

Page 20

"...The worst is yet to come."

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