Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Leonardo "Oh... Crud."


Leo "Gah!"

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Michelangelo "Whoa."

Raphael "Mikey, heads up!"


Raph "Watch out for more—"


Raph "Hrgk!"


Mikey "Sorry, laser dudes, but I already had a shower today."

I really don't wanna take a bath, too.

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Mikey "I knew keepin' this puppy handy was a good idea."

Mikey "So, should I run and grab some towels?"


Mikey " 'Cause you dudes are lookin' all wet."


Mikey "Yow!"


Raph "You were sayin', runt?"

Mikey "Heh."

Donatello >Okay, guys, you can head back now...<

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Donnie "...That's enough for today."

Raph "Easy for him to say."

Leo "I think I got water in my ear."

Mikey " 'Least you didn't get lasered in your butt."

Donnie "Well, I'd say that was a successful test of the new security system."

Donnie "What do you think..."

Donnie "...Professor Honeycutt?"


MAX 1000

Zayton Honeycutt "Yes, Donatello, I must agree."

Honeycutt "Though I'm a bit concerned Michelangelo was capable of dismantling two of the lasers so easily."

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Donnie "Ha! I wouldn't read too much into that, Professor."

Donnie "Mikey has a knack for breaking things—especially his toys."

Honeycutt "Perhaps. But those surveillance lasers are not meant to be fragile toys."

Honeycutt "I'll make a note to design a sturdier chassis before we replace them."

Donnie "Great idea."

Donnie "And it's also great to be working with you to secure the lair."

Donnie "It seems like a million years since we last collaborated... A million long years."

Leo "I agree..."

Leo "...It's really good to have you back on the team, Professor."

Raph "Yeah. Hurts so good."

Mikey "Totally."

Honeycutt "Indeed, my friends. This is most certainly a reunion to be appreciated."

Honeycutt "Especially considering all the trials we've been through recently--"

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(Honeycutt) "--There was a time, following the violence of the Leatherhead incident on Burnow Island, that I feared this might never be possible again."


(Donnie) "I hear you, Professor."

(Donnie) "Thank goodness Ma'riell and the other Utroms on the island were willing to repair the damage Leatherhead caused."

(Honeycutt) "Yes, Donatello--I owe them a debt of gratitude I may never be able to repay."

(Raph) "I dunno, Prof—I'm thinkin' that bill was paid-in-full when we saved those squishy freaks from bein' a nighttime snack for that psycho."

(Leo) "Yeah, Raph. I just wish he didn't get away after we teleported back to New York. No telling what he'll do next, but I'm betting it won't be good."

(Mikey) "Aww... You guys are too rough on Leatherhead..."

(Mikey) "...Poor dude went through some bad stuff when Krang had him locked up."

(Raph) "Uh, Mike—you know we're talkin' 'bout the same 'poor dude' that almost choked you out, right?"

(Mikey) "Still..."

Page 7

(Donnie) "Well, tortured soul or not, Leatherhead's just one more name to add to our long list of problems."

(Donnie) "There's Slash, Hun..."



(Donnie) "...Old Hob and the Mutanimals."

(Mikey) "Hey! The Mutanimals are totally our friends, Donnie!"

(Raph) "Yeah... Except when they ain't, Mike."

(Leo) "Raph's got a point. It feels like we're surrounded by the unpredictable all the time—just look at Jennika and Alopex. I want to believe they're our trusted allies, but sometimes..."

(Raph) "Yo, I wasn't talkin' 'bout Alopex, Leo. She's one of us, so don't even worry about it."

(Mikey) "Yeah, don't be throwin' shade on Raph's bae, Leo."

(Raph) "Shut up, Mikey."

(Donnie) "Speaking of unpredictable, what about Aka? She helped us once, but will she do it again?"

(Leo) "Good question, Don. Who knows what she really wants."

(Leo) "Hopefully she don't turn out all spooky nuts like her sister and brother."

(Mikey) "Totally, dude. Kitsune and the Rat King are uber evil."

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(Raph) "Just like that Agent Bishop dweeb and those Darkwater punks, Mikey. Bad news everywhere."

(Mikey) "Yeah... Bishop's way creepy. Illuminati confirmed, bro."

(Donnie) "Don't forget Bebop, Rocksteady, Koya, and Bludgeon."

(Mikey) "Wait, Donnie—now that Master Splinter took out Shredder and runs the Foot Clan, Koya and Bludgeon are technically on our side now. Right, Leo?"

(Leo) "Technically, yes, Mikey."

(Leo) "Karai, too, for that matter—though we're gonna have to wait and see how that plays out."

(Donnie) "Just like we'll have to see how things turn out with Baxter Stockman. He seems to be trusting April right now, but can we trust him?"

(Raph) "I trust that maniac 'bout as far as I can throw him, Don."

(Mikey) "Actually, you could probably throw him pretty far, Raph."

(Raph) "You know what I mean, smart-butt."

Page 9

(Donnie) "And then there's Krang—"

(Donnie) "—I still get goose-bumps when I think about how close he came to terraforming the Earth with the Technodrome."

(Honeycutt) "With good reason, Donatello. General Krang fell short of his genocidal dreams for a New Utrominon by only the slimmest of margins."

(Leo) "You're right, Professor. But thanks to some great teamwork, Krang's down for the count now."

(Mikey) "But still alive, which is a good thing."

(Honeycutt) "Yes, Michelangelo--it is a very good thing, because the general will soon face long overdue justice on Planet Neutrino for his countless war crimes in Dimension X..."

Page 10

Honeycutt "...Which is why, unfortunately, I will have to cut my visit a bit shorter than I would have preferred and teleport back to Burnow Island soon... And from there to Planet Neutrino in Dimension X."

Honeycutt "King Zenter is sending Commander Dask and his team on a multi-planet mission to retrieve five key witnesses for the prosecution against General Krang, and he's requested that I accompany them."

Donnie "Accompany them? Why?"

Leo "Yeah—that seems like the kind of thing the commander and his crew can handle with no problems."

Honeycutt "They cannot. Despite his incarceration, Krang's deadly influence is still felt far and wide across Dimension X, and the witnesses are likely all either unwilling to testify--or in grave danger for doing so."

Honeycutt "His Majesty feels a more diplomatic approach is required and has asked me to join the mission to serve as a kind of ambassador in order to help the other witnesses understand just how vital their testimony is to the case against the general."

(Leo) "Peer pressure, Professor?"

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(Honeycutt) "Of a sort, Leonardo."

(Honeycutt) "To be honest, their fears are understandable--I, too, have my qualms about opposing General Krang. His destructive madness is not something to be scoffed at."

(Honeycutt) "However, if he is to be stopped once and for all, I know I must do all that I can to help convict him."

(Honeycutt) "So the responsibility falls on me to convince the other witnesses that although the risks of defying General Krang are very real..."

Honeycutt "...The rewards of stopping his reign of terror will be well worth it."

Donnie "What the—"

Leo "What's wrong, Donnie?"

Donnie "I'm not sure. We got a quick ping from the third laser and then this mess."

Mikey "Hey, don't blame me. I only broke two of 'em."


Mikey "That's totally not my fault."

Page 12

Donnie "Relax, Mikey—no one's blaming you. Must be a power surge or something."

Donnie "Let me get the flashlight so I can find the backup generator."


Donnie "Okay, let's figure out wha—wait a sec."

Donnie "Where's Professor Honeycutt?"

Honeycutt "Donatello..."

Donnie "Oh."

Honeycutt "Help..."

Honeycutt "me..."

Page 13

Raph "What is that thing?!"

Donnie "It's too dark! We need more light!"

Leo "Mikey!"

Mikey "On it, big bro!"


Mikey "Unff!"


Leo "Quick—while it's down!"

Mikey "But I can barely see it."

Leo "Hurry up with that light, Donnie!"

Donnie "I'm hurrying..."

Donnie "...I'm hurrying!"

Page 14

Donnie "Just need to prime this thing up and—"


Donnie "Hey!"


Raph "Back off, freako!"


Leo "Mikey, help Donnie! We need that light!"

Mikey "Roger dodger!"

Leo "I'll help Raph and Fugitoid."

Page 15

Raph "I don't know what the hell you are—or what your trip is—but you don't come into our house and—"

Raph "Gah!"


Leo "Enough!"

Leo "Enough messing around. Who are you?"

Honeycutt "Leonardo, be careful! I know this creature."

Honeycutt "It is called Hakk-R. A bounty hunter from Dimension X--"

Honeycutt "--It's far more than it seems."

Hakk-R "Enough messing around?"

Hakk-R "Good idea."

Page 16

Mikey "C'mon, bro, snap outta it. We gotta get this generator runnin'."

Donnie "Running? No... No running right now. Too tired..."

Donnie "...Need nappy."

Mikey "Oh... Man."

Leo "A bounty hunter?"

Honeycutt "Yes--a cybernetic hybrid. Capable of regeneration and mechanical interfacing."

Raph "Don't forget... Butt ugly..."

Hakk-R "Very rude."

Raph "Whoaaa!"


Page 17

Mikey "You okay, Raph?"

Raph "Quit worryin' 'bout me. Just get this stinkin' generator fired up."

Donnie "Fired..."

Donnie "Fire!"

Honeycutt "Krang must have sent him."

Leo "But why?"

Hakk-R "I come highly recommended."

Hakk-R "See what I mean?"

Leo "Crap!"

Honeycutt "No! St--"

Hakk-R "Now... Let me see what we've got in here."

Page 18

Leo "Raph! Do something!"

Raph "Doin'!"



Hakk-R "Thank you--this will come in handy."

Hakk-R "I've got all I need from this outdated piece of junk, which means..."

Hakk-R "...You're only good for spare parts now, Honeycutt."

Donnie "I don't think so!"


Hakk-R "Gyahhhh!"


Page 19

Donnie "How was that for light, guys?"

Leo "Can you stand, Professor?"

Honeycutt "Yes, Leonardo... Yes, I believe so."

Mikey "Where'd that Hakk-R dude go?"

Raph "You fry him to a crisp or what, Don?"

Donnie "I... I don't know."

Honeycutt "No... The creature teleported away before Donatello could destroy it."

Honeycutt "But not before it was able to do serious damage of its own."

Leo "What do you mean? What damage?"

Honeycutt "Before it escaped, Hakk-R was able to access my memory banks."

Honeycutt "The identities and locations of the other witnesses were stored there and--"

Donnie "And it downloaded them. Not good."

Donnie "Not good at all."

Mikey "So... What now?"

Honeycutt "Now it is time for me to return to Planet Neutrino, Michelangelo."

Honeycutt "The king must be informed what has happened here--and Commander Dask and his team must be warned of the dangers that lie ahead."

Honeycutt "If we do not get to the witnesses before Hakk-R does, Krang may very well go free."

Leo "Not if we can help it, Professor."

Page 20

Donnie "What are you saying, Leo?"

Leo "I'm saying, after all we've been through with Krang—after all the death and destruction he caused—there's no way we let him get off scot-free."

Leo "No way we let him threaten Earth again with his insanity."

Raph "So what we gonna do about it, bro?"

Leo "We're gonna help Professor Honeycutt and the Neutrinos fix this, Raph."

Leo "We're going back to"

Leo "Dimension X."

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