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Prairie Dog
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Lead guitarist

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Human-born mutant prairie dog



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Dark green

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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Prairie Dog is the singer and lead guitarist in the band DIGG who was mutated into a prairie dog.

Physical Appearance

Prairie Dog is a mutant prairie dog with a brown body, straight blonde hair styled into a bob cut, a dark brown nose, dark green eyes, and a slender build. She has sharp teeth that protrude from her upper jaw, large hands, and three brown claws on each foot. She wears a white t-shirt with a torn collar and a cropped black vest with a popped collar and a yellow badge over its heart. She wears a short red plaid skirt, black wristbands, and black shorts. She also wears a red choker around her neck, silver piercings on her ears (one on the right and two on the left), black eyeliner with a curled design, and matte red lipstick.


Prairie Dog is laid-back and confident, considering her and her bandmates' mutation to be a blessing. She is also smart as she devised a plan that would gain DIGG an audience via musically demolishing New York City infrastructure to create a stage.

Although she is pretty even-tempered, Prairie Dog is irritated by others disrupting her flow and has a disdain for authority that she calls "the Man".


Prairie Dog debuted in "Pizza Pit". DIGG tried to strategically detonate four support pillars in order to submerge a stadium so they could play to a captive audience. Unfortunately, the four pillars happened to be under the Ninja Turtles' favorite pizza parlors, leading the brothers to believe DIGG had a personal vendetta against them. Upon learning DIGG's actual plan, they convinced them to play as the in-house band of the new Bro's Pizza pizzeria, which had been opened by all four proprietors of the previous pizzerias.

Prairie Dog performed with the rest of her band at the Grand Nexus Hotel in "Bullhop".

Prairie Dog and her band played at the Salt Rock Club in "Cloak and Swaggart".


  • Digging: Prairie Dog is quite proficient in digging, capable of traveling hundreds of feet underground with ease.
  • Speed: Due to her mutation, Prairie Dog possesses a considerable amount of speed, especially when digging.
  • Guitar playing: Prairie Dog is a professional guitarist.
  • Singing: Prairie Dog is a professional singer.


Friends and Allies

  • Honey Badger: Honey Badger is Prairie Dog's bandmate. However, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown.
  • Groundhog: Groundhog is Prairie Dog's bandmate. However, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown.
  • The Mad Dogs: Prairie Dog, along with the rest of her band, fought the Mad Dogs when they were trying to stop her from toppling a colosseum. Once they understood her true motives, the Mad Dogs were no longer hostile towards her and her band.
    • Donatello: Prairie Dog was irritated by Donnie insistently accusing her of seeking revenge on him and his brothers. As she faced off with him, she informed him of her plan.