Power punchin rocksteady
The Trunk-wearin’ Foot Boxer!

I’m a Turtle-rippin’ rhino – and I will crush any sissy-shelled stupidhead who challenges me. I hit hard, I hit fast – and I hit often. I love to pummel, punch and pound Turtles into smithereens. And with my supercharged power punch, I’ll knock all the Turtles’ tops off. So if you want to be with a winner, join me in the ring – and together we will win one for the Shredder. I’ll provide the power, you provide the timing. Just squeeze the trigger and I’ll cream those belly-crawlin’ creeps. It’s time the Turtles get what’s comin’ to ‘em. Let’s teach ‘em a lesson they’ll never forget. It’s Turtle-tossin’ time. AAAAGH!

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