Power Cell

The Kraang Power Cells are crystals used by the Kraang for energizing equipments such like their Trans-Dimensional Portal and the Kraang Walker. It was first seen in It Came From The Depths, where Leatherhead was trying to keep it away from the Kraang so they couldn't make their portal work.


  • It Came From The Depths - Leatherhead steals it from the Kraang and trust on the turtles to keep it safe.
  • The Pulverizer (episode) - Donnie energizes the Shellraiser, the Kraang get it back.
  • TCRI (episode) - The turtles and Leatherhead try to retrieve it.
  • Showdown, Part 1 - Leonardo slices it, causing TCRI to explode.
  • Newtralized! - The Kraang use it in their Kraang Walker.
  • Into Dimension X! - It's revealed the crystals origin from and how the Kraang are planing on mutating earth's vegetables and minerals into new power cell crystals. Breaking a piece of the crystals cause a huge explosion, they must be harvested by using sound waves. Mikey took a chunk of the crystal to be used as a power source for Donnie's Turtle Mech against the Kraang invasion.
  • The Invasion - Kraang Prime uses his laser arm blaster to mutate Earth causing the crystals to grow.
  • Return to New York - At the end of the episode it's revealed the Kraang are using the Kraangified population of New York to harvest the power cell's crystals.


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