Portable Portal Generator

The Portable Portal Generator (PPP) or just Donatello's portal is a portal built by Donatello in the 1987-1996 series, and placed inside the Turtle Lair. It debuts during season 3, allowing Usagi Yojimbo to visit the Ninja Turtles' Earth.

It was first used to receive transmissions from other planets and dimensions, as well as transport beings to and from Earth. However, like a lot of Donatello's other inventions, it was prone to breaking down or otherwise malfunctioning, such as randomly opening portals to unknown locations. It also doubles as a widescreen TV.

The turtles later use it to reach the Technodrome, when it was on the Volcanic Asteroid during season 4. The portal can also be used for travels on Earth, which the turtles use in Muckman Messes Up to quickly reach the Technodrome when it's in the Arctic.[1]

In Landlord of the Flies, Donatello uses a handheld version to send Baxter Stockman away from Earth.[2]

During seasons 9 and 10, the turtles often use it for transport when fighting Dregg.


Season 3

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  • The portal generator was also seen in Season 5 but only in a more compact handheld form.



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