The Port of Houston is one of the largest commercial shipping ports on Earth, located in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico and attached to the major city of Houston.

In TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road issue 2 of the IDW comics, after Genealdo and Maxence (the real names of Bebop and Rocksteady) find themselves fired from a series of jobs in Houston, Max finally lands a supervisor's position at the Port of Houston and invites Gene to come work with him. While there, Gene and Max come across Xiang Fei Tong, the Chinese triad leader they had ruined back in New York City during the events of the Bebop & Rocksteady one-shot issue. They are friendly towards Xiang, but Xiang remembers the duo as the ones who ruined her in the past, and promptly mobilizes her newly reorganized Ghost Boys to kill Gene and Max. The Ghost Boys pilot Ghost-Bots to pursue the duo, starting a major battle in the port. Special Agent Ravenwood of the Earth Protection Force arrives mid-battle and quickly defeats Xiang before starting a search for Bebop and Rocksteady, who lie critically wounded in a dumpster.

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