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Mirage canceled

Slated for release in 2009 to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary, these action figures from Playmates Toys were supposed to be based on the Mirage comics. They were canceled in July of the same year.

Although concrete facts on it is tough to find, there was rumor with supporting evidence that these were a direct and deliberate response to NECA's popular Mirage TMNT line, and that Playmates were angry with Mirage Studios and NECA for making a deal for a line of TMNT figures via a loophole. Reportedly, this also was what stalled NECA's second wave of Mirage TMNT figures (which didn't get released until 2016 and only as a box set).

Playmates would finally release Mirage-styled figures of the four Turtles in 2014, but the sculpts were completely different from these.

Intended lineup

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