Planet of the Turtleoids
1987 TV series episode
Season Code:
Original airdate 31 August 1991 (Primetime)
26 October 1991 (Saturday morning)
Written by David Wise
Episode chronology
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"Leonardo Cuts Loose" "Pirate Radio"
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"Planet of the Turtleoids!" is a double episode of the 1987 TV series. It consists of two parts, Planet of the Turtleoids, Part 1 and Planet of the Turtleoids, Part 2. It originally aired over CBS on 31 August 1991, before the other Season 5 episodes, and then again on 26 October 1991 as part of the ordinary Saturday morning cartoon scheudle.


The Turtles encounter Kerma, and go to Shell-Ri-La in his spacecraft to assist him against Herman the Horrible. Meanwhile in New York City ,Shredder and Krang plot to rake over Earth.

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