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Kraang:Kraang, prepare the plan which is called plan 10, the switching of Kraang mind with lesser human mind.

Kraang:Kraang will switch minds with Earth leaders who will mutate Earth for Kraang.

Kraang:Then all that remains is for Kraang plan known as plan 10 to be tested. Bring in test subject x.

Leo:Not until we know what they're up to.

Raph: Does it matter? They're not baking cookies.

Mikey: Ew, what would Kraang cookies taste like? Chocolate chips and brains?

Donnie:Quiet. Here they come.

Man: Take it easy, guys! This has gotta be a bad dream. You're not gonna probe me, right? I'll do anything, but just no probing.

Mikey: That's too big to be a probe, right?

Kraang:The Kraang neuroswitcher will switch test subject's mind with that which is called A pigeon.

Man: Uh, I think I'd prefer the probing.

Leo:Okay, now!


Raph:Hey, mister? You okay? You gotta be kidding me!

Man:[pigeon]Ugh, why do I have the urge to eat bread crumbs and poop on statues? No! No!

Kraang: Kraang test, successfully tested. Kraang, exterminate Turtles for Kraang.

Mikey: Dude, it's too freaky! That guy's got the brain of a pigeon!

Raph:Which still makes him a lot smarter than you!

Leo: Don't let him get hurt. Take those Kraang down fast.

Man:Get me out of here!

Mikey: I'll save you, Mr. Peepers! Dude, get a hold of yourself, man.

Donnie:Did you really just say that?

Kraang: The Turtles cannot win against the Kraang.

Raph: Tell it to the ground. Wah! Ahhaahh!

Donnie: We got reverse brain switch!

Leo:Raph, we're good to go.

Raph:I'm busy here! Hyah! Aghh!

Leo: Raph's down! Grab the pigeon and the man!

Kraang: Kraaaang.

Leo:Raph, why didn't you listen?

Mikey: Come on, Mr. Peepers.

Kraang Raph:Ugh Guys....

Man:Boy, did I ever have a weird dream. I switched brains with a Aah! I'm not a pigeon. I'm not a pigeon! I am a man!

Leo:How's Raph doing?

Mikey:Just gotta wake him up. Rise and shine, buddy.

Donnie:That's not working, Mikey.

Mikey: Try something else. Let's see, how do I usually wake him up? I got it! Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle. Wake up, dude

Raph Ktaang:. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Mikey: Yeah, boy! Whoo! I'm glad you're back, Raph. Highthree.

Raph Kraang: Turtles here? Where is the location of the Kraang where this Kraang is located?

Mikey: You're with us, dude, in the Shellraiser. Nice Kraang impersonation. You're welcome. Ow! Ooh! Ahh!


LeoLWhat are you doing? What's going on back there?

Raph Kraang:Turtles Kraang must destroy. Kraang will eliminate all.

Donnie:It's Raph. He must've been brain switched with a Kraang.

Leo:Oh, no! Guys? You okay?

Mikey:Ugh, I just had the weirdest dream. Raph was

Donnie: A Kraang. Not a dream, Mikey

Leo:He's gone. And there's no telling where our Raph is.

Kraang:Kraang, transport Kraang to med bay for vitamin infusion.

Kraang Raph:

KRaang: Where am I? Kraang has been damaged, Kraang.

KRaang RAph:Kraang? Who are you calling "Kraang"? Oh, no.

Kraang: Kraang has been damaged. Kraang is acting strange.

Kraang Raph:No, I'm fine. I feel great. I mean This Kraang is feeling much, um, kraangier. Got Kraang stuff to do, so I'll just be, uh, kraanging off.

Kraang: Looking good, Kraang.

Kraang Raph:Uh! Ah, Kraang. Worst day ever!

Raph Ktaang:Human, direct Kraang to fellow Kraang. The Kraang this Kraang seeks are small, squishy and rather handsome.

Woman:Aah! Monster!

Raph Ktaang:Kraang:Indeed. Kraang is trapped in the body of a monster.

Mikey:Ugh! Get him! Don't move, dude! I got him pinned!

Skelelord:: Dash Coolstar. Once again, your battle charge into battle has caused you great battle misfortune!

Blip: I told you we should wait, Dash.

Coolstar:Ooh quiet, Blip. Your cowardice stifles me! You don't know the information, Skelelord, that in our possession is a great cause of fear to you.

Casey: This show's cool, but where are the subtitles? I hate dubbed anime.

Splinter:Every day your skills improve, April, but you must remain patient.

April: I could practice all day, Sensei.

Casey:If you need a Shiatsu massage, "magic Fingers" is at your service.

April:Ew, more like "pizza" Fingers.

Casey:Guess Raph really ticked you off this time.

Leo:Long story, but he got his brain switched with a Kraang.

Raph Kraang: Release Kraang now, and Kraang will disintegrate you relatively quickly!

Casey:[laugheter] That is too funny. Wha

Splinter:Leonardo, explain. Now!


Kraang Raph:So, um, Kraang who are Kraang, can you, um, like, tell me how to get to the nearest, um, Kraang exit?

Kraang:The query Kraang has stated makes no sense to Kraang. Kraang is busy.

Kraang Raph:Busy doing what? Busy doing what? A communication orb. Maybe Kraang, um, I can use it to contact Donnie.

Kraang Prime:All Kraang in dimension X are mobilizing for the invasion known as the invasion of Earth. Kraang, how is plan 10 progressing? Kraang! I am addressing Kraang!

Kraang Raph: Ah ehuhuhh! Oh. Me, Kraang. Uh, plan 10? Well, as Kraang can see, everything's kraangtastic.

Kraang Prime:Then let the switching of superior Kraang minds with inferior human leader minds begin!

Leo: And that's how we got Raph's body, but now we've gotta go back for his mind.

Splinter:Wait. Have patience. It was Raphael's impatience that put him in the den of the enemy. You must not make the same mistake.

April: So what are we supposed to do?

Splinter:Hmm. A solution will arise. You must wait and-

Donnie: It's coming from my lab. It's the Kraang communication orb. It hasn't been active for months!

Kraang Raph:Donnie, it's me, Raph. I'm stuck in a Kraang body inside the technodrome. You gotta believe me.

Miikey:hahahah! Ugh wait a minute. How do we know he's the real Raph? What's the secret ninja password?

Kraang Raph:I will pound you, Mikey!

Mikey:Close enough.

Donnie: Okay, his coordinates are coming up now. Looks like we're going swimming.

Kraang;Who was Kraang talking to?

Kraang Raph: Kraang. Duh.

Kraang:Kraang did not report for vitamin infusion.

Kraang Raph:Oh, right. Kraang must've forgot.

Kraang:Kraang never forget.

Casey: How'd you ever talk me into getting into this leaky death trap?

Donnie:Hey, the Turtle Sub is a fully amphibious strike vehicle, seats six, and is Turtle powered.

April:Yeah, we know.

Leo: Technodrome straight ahead. We're getting close.

Mikey: And the coast is clear. No trouble in sight. We're home free.

Donnie:You just had to say something!

April:Um okay, what just happened?

Mikey:Kinda has a thing for the sub.

Casey: What are you waiting for? Pedal! Pedal! Pedal!

Donnie:Agh! It's following us! Faster!

Kraang Raph:This is all a big Kraangy mistake. Seriously.

Kraang: Kraang, you are ordered to exit the human construct and be analyzed.

Kraang Raph: And if Kraang refuses?

Kraang:Then Kraang must take necessary action to protect Kraang.

Leo:Torpedoes away!

April:Did we get it?

Casey:Now where'd it go?

Donnie: I got it on sonar!

Mikey: We're being eaten alive!

Casey:Donnie, do something!

Donnie:We've got enough foot power. Activating the engines!

April: Right on!

Mikey:Turtle tech, boy.

Donnie:Technodrome prepare to dock.

Kraang:Destroy the defective Kraang.

Kraang Raph: I'm outta here! Uhuhungung. Oh Tentacles, don't fail me now! Whoa! Uh! Phew. Aah! Back off, Kraang! Don't make me hurt you. I will use these! Huh? Heh.


April:Um did we do that?

Donnie:I'm gonna say yes.

Kraang :Enemies known as "The Turtles", you have been captured by the Kraang and will be destroyed.

Kraang Raph:Stop! Do not destroy the ones who are Turtles.

Kraang:Kraang must destroy the Turtles.

Kraang Raph:No, Kraang must transport Turtles for brain switching with Kraang by order of Kraang prime. Go ahead. Go on. Move. You guys are lame. How could you get captured so easily?

Leo:Coming to save you.

Casey:This is too awesome, Raph. You feel like chewing gum.

Mikey: You're all pink and tentacley. It's just so wrong.

Kraang Raph:Well, it's time to make it right. Let's move.

Kraang:The neuroswitcher is activated. Kraang will become world leaders.

Kraang Raph: Stop the experiment. You have new orders.

Kraang:Turtles are not part of.

Kraang Raph:They are now!

Leo: Get 'em!

Kraang Raph: Don't hurt the machine! Donnie, get that thing working!

Donnie: Oh, sewer apples!

Raph Kraang: Kraang will have his revenge against Turtles.

April: A little help, Casey? Ugh.

Casey:Duck! Hyah!

Kraang RAph: Ha! I'm finally getting the hang of this body. You!

Raph Kraang:One called Raphael.

Kraang Raph: I'm gonna knock you straight out of my body!

Donnie:One of these things has gotta activate the targeting matrix.

Mikey:This one? Ooh, or maybe this one?

Donnie:Get out of there!

Kraang Raph:Okay Hurry, Donnie! I really don't want to beat up such a good looking turtle.

Donnie: Ready, aim, fire!

Casey April:Cool

April Casey:Stop checking yourself out, Casey! Donnie, switch us back right now!

Donnie:Oh, I'm sorry, Casey, I mean, April. Working on it!

April Casey: Stop pinching your own butt, Casey.

Casey April:I didn't do anything.

Kraang Raph:Wait! I can't stab myself.

Raph Kraang:The turtle known as Raphael will never be a turtle again. Prepare to be exterminated.

Raph:Hey! You did it, Donnie. I'm back! Oh, no, you don't. Time for some payback! I call this "plan one".


Casey:Aww, man. I kinda liked being a girl.

Raph:I'm back, guys!

Leo: Nice. Donnie, sabotage that thing and let's go!

Donnie: Done and done.

Kraang:Aw, kraaaang.

Skelelord: Now is the time for when you have run out of time. Super Robo Mecha Force Five team 5!

Coolstar: Not yet, Skelelord! Engage ultra mega punch!

Donnie:Okay. Oh, this is good.

Raph: It's good to be back in the old red and green. And, uh guys Thanks.

Mikey: Did he just say

Leo: I think he did.

Raph: I Just wish I could've taken out the technodrome. But I did catch a glimpse of the Kraang's invasion plan. They've got thousands of soldiers ready to go.

Mikey:74 75 79 ow!

Leo:So how will we stop it, Sensei?

Splinter: As I said before, a solution will arise in time.

Donnie: Okay. A little shading here I've got it! We are gonna stop them with this

Mikey:Donnie, you are an even bigger genius than I am

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