"The Cheese Chuggin' Champ!"


Pizza Tray Pizza Launcher, Six Pizza Pie Discs, Mozzarella Nunchakus, Cheese Gratin' Power Pistol, Chunky Cheese Belt 


"Pizza Tossin' Mike's pizza tray pizza launcher is the latest in Turtle technolo-cheese! And Mike is ready to serve up justice to any Foot fools who dare order from his menu of mayhem. How 'bout a sewer sausage special - in yer face, Foot fiend! Or a double pepperoni surprise - a wedge in each eye! Pizza Tossin' Mike's cooked up a batch of battle pies that are sure to slice through Shredder like a sai through sauce. And what's even more intimidating to those foul Foot is when Mike smiles when he shoots out his whizzin' pizza pies. Pizza Tossin' Mike smiles, cuz he knows his good cookin's goin' to waste those gooey garlicky goons! And to smother those smelly Foot fiends, Mike's got a cheese gratin' power pistol - and his chunky cheese belt's ready to keep the goo goin'! It's a mundo mound o' mozzarella for those muenster munchin' Mutant misfits. The Foot Clan can only hope that Mike eats all his pizza powered ammo!"


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