"The Pepperoni Patrollin' Pizza Pal!"

Accessories -

Stack o' Pizza Box Pizza Launcher, Six Pizza Pie Discs, Pepperoni Poppin' Pistol, Pizza Batter Bo, Pepperoni Pizza Belt 


"Okay. The Foot Clan just ordered a dozen pepperoni pizzas with extra sauce. Pizza Tossin' Don's ready to serve up his doughy delights - straight outta the box! Shredder and his mushroomed minions won't know what hit 'em when the dense discs come whizzin' outta their stack o' pizza box pizza launcher; loaded with plenty o' pizza pie discs, it's split! spluff! splooey! right in their fiendish Foot faces! Pizza Tossin' Don's one delivery homeboy who doesn't wait around for a tip, cuz he's got one of his own - right at the top of his notorious pizza batter bo! When Don's down to a one-on-one Foot fight, he takes aim with his pepperoni poppin' pistol - a direct hit and it's spice city! But when the Clan comes on full Foot force, Don's got all he needs in his stack o' pizza boxes. And as the pepperoni pizza pies shoot out, you can be sure there won't be any leftovers, cuz Don scarfs up what the crusty Foot Clan leave behind!"


  • The figures accessories were available in either red or green plastic.


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