PizzaThrower scaled 600

Motorized Perpetual pizza Flinger!

Pizza Thrower is a pizza shooting vehicle toy that will be released by Playmates toys in 2015, it was revealed at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.


  • Press the Pizza Face to shoot the pizza discs!
  • Holds 6 pizza discs!
  • Pizza shoots out everytime the button is pressed!
  • All the Turtles can take a ride on this punishing pizza pummeler.
  • To keep the streets safe, the vehicle rolls into action with a motorized perpetual pizza flinger, flinging pizzas at anyone that gets in its way.
  • Includes 10 pizza discs
  • Compatible with most Turtles basic action figures (sold separately)


  • The pizza shooting button is molded as cartoon character Pizza Face.


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