Pizza Face
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode
Season Code: 218
Episode: 44
Original airdate May 18, 2014
Written by Kevin Burke & Chris Wyatt
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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"The Wrath of Tiger Claw" "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2
October 12, 2013 - September 27, 2014
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"Pizza Face" is the 18th episode of the second season of the 2012 TV series, and the forty-fourth episode overall in the series.

Production-wise, it is the nineteenth episode of Season 2, and the forty-fifth episode overall. It first aired on May 18th, 2014.


Michelangelo discovers that a new mutant is trying to attack and capture people using living pizzas, but he struggles to convince the others who don't believe him.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


One night, April and Irma are about to watch a movie. April receives a call and starts lying about having a date with Casey. Then, a pizza delivery guy drives by them and falls off his bike. He screams about being attacked and leaves in a hurry. He drops a free pizza. April wants to bring it to the guys, but Irma says she wouldn't eat it. April receives another call and runs away. She thinks about what Irma said and throws the pizza in the trash. She hears creepy voices saying "Eat me." She comes closer to the pizza and opens it when a mutant pizza attacks her.

In the lair, Leo and Raph are watching TV and Donnie is worried because April isn't answering for hours and Mikey is worried as well because none of the pizza shops in town are answering too. Leo says that he is the culinary expert and that he should make his own. A happy Mikey runs in the kitchen. There, he prepares the ultimate pizza while singing and dancing. The smell reaches Leo and he is disgusted. Mikey offers some to the others and they decline. He rapidly starts eating. The other Turtles see a commercial about Antonio's pizza and Leo is suspicious. He orders a pizza and Raph sends Mikey to wait for it and not to eat it. Mikey receives the pizza from a weird acting pizza guy and returns to the lair. He is tempted to eat it and calls the guys.

The pizza then starts talking like it did to April, but Mikey thinks it's his imagination. He opens the pizza box and an angry pizza starts attacking him! After the fight, the guys show up and see Mikey rolling on the floor covered in pizza toppings. They thank him sarcastically for ruining their dinner. Mikey stakes on the rooftops to Antonio's and sees April with human zombies. He is then attacked by three people that have pizzas on their faces. He almost gets pounded, but saves himself with a smoke bomb.

He rushes to the lair to warn the others, only to see them zombified from eating some of the pizzas too. He is attacked by several pizzas while the others escape. He takes one pizza as a hostage and interrogates him about the situation. The pizza finally says everything after Mikey threatens to put it in the oven. Pizza says that, one day, chef Antonio was making a pizza and he heard a noise. A mutagen canister fell out of the sky and he had to know if it would be a good pizza topping. He tried some and mutated into a giant pizza blob. After the slice of Pizza finishes talking, Mikey asks what will he do with his zombie customers. The pizza slice says that he'll wrap them in calzones and eat them whole. Mikey says he'll save them, but first he throws the pizza slice in the freezer where it deals with Ice Cream Kitty.

Mikey sneaks to Antonio's acting like a zombie. Inside, he goes to the kitchen where he sees April getting prepared. When a pizza asks what to do with the Turtles and Splinter, Pizza Face says that they will be his guards, since they've tasted the secret ingredient (mutagen). He throws up on their faces and makes them his zombified pizza slaves. Mikey throws a box at Pizza Face, but Leo stops it by stabbing it. Mikey declares "the jig is up, Pizza Face!" and Pizza Face says that he likes the name before sending the other turtles and Splinter to attack. Mikey luckily knocks down the Turtles, while apologizing to Leo and Donnie, but not Raph, but is then knocked down by Splinter.

Mikey gets back up again and then gets stuck to the wall by Pizza Face's pizza barf. When Pizza Face is about to eat April, Mikey's stomach rumbles and he realizes that he's hungry and begins eating his way out, much to Pizza Face's horror. Pizza Face eats Mikey when the young turtle tries to attack only for Mikey to start eating him from the inside until he's just a slice of pizza. Mikey tells Pizza Face to bring everyone back to normal or he'd eat him to which he complies, mentally ordering the pizza zombies to return to their homes where they wouldn't remember a thing. Mikey begins to gloat loudly to his brothers about being right and saving them when Pizza Face attacks.

Mikey wakes up in his bed and his brothers and April walk in. Glad they're back to normal, Mikey starts babbling about how they were pizza zombies and that Pizza Face was gonna eat April. The others tell him that it was just a dream and leave his room. Mikey begins to believe that it was all a dream and goes back to sleep. Pizza Face confirms that it wasn't, hiding in one of Mikey's empty pizza boxes and laughs.


Pizza Guy: HELP! I'm being attacked!!
April: Um… There's no one here.
Pizza Guy: Are you serious!? -drives away, dropping pizza-
Irma: So… THAT just happened.
April: Hey! You dropped your…! Well, at least we get a free pizza. I should take it to the— On my date with Casey.
Irma: That's garbage pizza delivered from crazy town! I'd sooner eat a jar of toxic waste filled with onions and tomatoes and—
April: Oh! I'm late. C'ya, Irma! -runs off-
Irma: Great to spend some quality time with you April…

Donatello: Ah! I've been trying to reach April for hours! Hope nothing's wrong.
Michelangelo: Something sure is wrong, bro… There isn't a single pizza shop in town that's picking up!
Donatello: I'm serious, Mikey!
Michelangelo: You think I'd joke about the pizza? You know me a little better than that, Donnie, to joke about the pizza!

Michelangelo: Now, what would be in the best pizza ever? Duh! Hot sauce! -singing- I love a little hot sauce on my pizza! I love a little hot sauce, yes I do! But hot sauce isn't hot, without sardines, son! It just tastes like a pile of sticky GOO! Some protein from a pile of worms, some garlic, chives and marshmallows too! But wait a second, BOO! If you please, I missing the most important part, CHEESE! A cheesicle… I need my cheesicle… Ice Cream Kitty, give me a cheesicle! Come on! -opens the freezer- Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty…! Kitty, kitty, kitty…! Ice Cream Kitty give me a cheesicle! Come on!
Raphael: Are they ever gonna stop singing? It sickens me.
Leonardo: Ugh! What is that repulsive smell?
Michelangelo: If by repulsive you mean 'delicious', I agree. Dig in! -his brothers look with horror to see his pizza that has a dead rat, an eyeball, live worms, a severed fish head, a green finger, an Antonio's pasta can, a mushroom that looks bad, some slimy bubbles with hair, and a tooth-

Shopkeeper: Antonio's pizza is so good, you'll want to obey its every command.
Man: It is my new delicious master.
Sewer Worker: Obey the flavor.

Michelangelo: How much?
Pizza Guy: At Antonio's the first one's free.
Michelangelo: Whoa… How many times can you order the first one?

Pizza Minion: EAT ME!!

Michelangelo: Why are you doing this, pizza!? I've always loved you!

Pizza Minion: They'll never believe you now… Totally… worth it. Ugh! I'm going into the light…
Michelangelo: This is like so. Messed. Up.

Pizza Minion: W-Where am I?
Michelangelo: I'll ask the questions here, see? Tell me what you've done with my brothers and my sensei, see?
Pizza Minion: Think I'm gonna spill my toppings? No way! My crust is sealed. -Mikey slaps him-
Michelangelo: You're gonna talk -takes a piece of pepperoni off and eats it- Now let's try this one more time. Who is the pizza mastermind?
Pizza Minion: Grill me all you want. I'm not gonna give up the big cheese.
Michelangelo: Tough guy, huh? 'Cause I don't grill cheese. I bake it in a hot, sticky oven! -show the oven with baked pizza- Get the picture?
Pizza Minion: You sick little monkey. Don't do it, man. Please. I'll talk. I'll tell you anything. -Mikey sets him away from the oven- Okay. It all started when one day, a humble pizza chef named Antonio was tossing pies when...
-a flashback shows Antonio tossing pies until he heard a crash outside. Outside shows the Kraang's ship with mutagen coming out. One canister lands nearby. Antonio arrives outside with a bat, thinking a thief was there until he sees the canister of mutagen and opens it-
Pizza Minion: Antonio had to know if this secret ingredient from the heavens could make a delicious pizza topping.
-Antonio tastes some of the mutagen and he drops the canister as he transforms into a mutant pizza, thus turning him evil. Antonio returns back into his restaurant as he begins to bring some pizza pies to life. His minions start laughing-
Pizza Minion: And that's when we came to life to serve our delicious master.

Michelangelo: Does he have a pizza for a face?
Pizza Minion: Yes!
Michelangelo: Then I will call him Pizza Face!
Pizza Minion: But we all have pizza faces...
Michelangelo: Enough!

Pizza Face: Mushrooms, garlic, mozzarella, too. Peppers, onions, Mortadella!
-Carlos moans-
Pizza Face: Yum-a yummy, yum-a yummy, yum-a yum-a yum-a yo! Humans tastes so good inside a Calzone, yes, it's true. Hey!

Michelangelo: The jig is up, Pizza Face!
Pizza Face: Pizza Face? I like a-that. Cause I have a pizza for a face! -laughs- Get him!

Pizza Face: Ooh!
That's a spicy meat-a-ball!

Michelangelo: Guess it really was a dream.
-falls back asleep. However, a familiar voice is hiding in one of the pizza boxes-

Pizza Face: A dream? I don't-a think so! Da-da-da-da-da-da-HA!

-Pizza Face reveals he is in fact real, foreshadowing his return-


  • After Mikey fights the first pizza, there are pizza slices everywhere, but in the sequence the pizza appears whole again.
  • Mikey says, "Now, how do I get my money back?", although he didn't pay for the pizza.
  • As Mikey goes to save his brothers & Splinter, Garson Grunge, Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe, and others are seen outside of the pizza shop. However, when Mikey goes inside the back of the shop to rescue his family, they suddenly appear in there.


  • Two sneak previews of this episode were revealed in the 2013 NYCC, both of them are incomplete story draft animatics.
  • In this episode, Michelangelo briefly sings the chorus of the Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice, which is part of the soundtrack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.
  • Pizza Face is based on an obscure TMNT villain from the 1990s - he was originally Shredder's chef, then he mixed mutagen into a pizza in an oven and was transformed into a deranged mutant-cyborg being. Pizza Face has a similar origin here, except he's an independent character and has a body completely formed of pizza.
  • The plot is inspired by the 1956 sci-fi horror film Invasion of the Body Snatchers .
  • In the beginning of the episode Irma wants to watch Dusk of the Zombi 4, which is a reference to Dawn of the Dead and The Zombi series.
  • When Raph tells Mikey to go wait for the pizza and not eat it, Mikey slaps his hand, spins around and ends up hitting him in the head is an homage to The Three Stooges' many iconic slapstick routines.
  • Victims of Pizza Face were trapped in a similar fashion that people were in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • The three-headed Hydra Beast is an homage to Ghidorah, the three-headed monster.
  • One of the VHS tapes scattered across the Turtle's living room was orange, a possible reference to the Nickelodeon brand VHS tapes.
  • The pizza being delivered to the Turtles through a sewer grate is a homage to the first movie.
  • When Mikey traps the Pizza inside the freezer Ice Cream Kitty twists her head as an homage to The Exorcist, where the possessed girl not only twists her head, but also causes her room to get colder.
  • Mikey eats his way out of Pizza Face just like the Xenomorph's chestbusters do in the Alien franchise.
  • This is the second episode Mikey sings "Go ninja, go ninja, go!" from Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap. The first time being in Follow The Leader.
  • Pizza Face was also an action figure in the 80's but was never in a show, comic book, or movie until now. The original toy looked more humanoid than this version.
  • He is the second actual mutant food of the series, the first being Ice Cream Kitty.
  • He is one of the few mutants who liked the nickname that Michelangelo gave him.
  • His look very much resembles Pizza the Hutt from the Star Wars parody, Spaceballs.
  • According to Ciro Nieli, Antonio's character was created as a tribute to his father, who also owns a pizza parlor.
  • A pizza mutant melting in the furnace during the interrogation scene looked similar to the Gremlin's head in the fire place in Joe Dante's Gremlins
  • The pizzas say "eat me, eat me" in a similar fashion to the cakes in the Tiny Toons episode "Little Cake of Horrors", itself a tribute to Audrey's 11's "Feed me" line from the Broadway musical Little Shop of Horrors.
  • On a phone box, it says "The Triceratops are here".
  • Leonardo is voiced by Dominic Catrambone for the first time instead of Jason Biggs. Nonetheless, his voice still sounds very similar (due to Dominic being a talented voice over artist).
  • Kurtzman seems to appear in this episode as his body is shown, but his head is blocked.
  • One of the brainwashed victims has Spider Bytez's human form model.  



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