Pinky McFingers
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Guns, bats, what ever they can steal


Mafia Boss


Foot Clan, Independent

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Peter Renaday (1990-1991, 1992)
Cam Clarke (1991)

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Pinky McFingers was a minor recurring villain in the 1987 TMNT cartoon series. He is a high ranking mafia boss with a gang at his disposal. He first appeared in season 4.

McFingers once sponsors Barney Stockman (Baxter's twin brother) to create a "gag-a-magnifier" device that increases the comedy power of jokes. They planned to hook up the funniest comedian to it and transmit the joke waves all over the city, making everyone hysterically helpless; meanwhile, McFingers and his two goons would go out and rob the city. He and his men kidnapped comedians until they kidnapped Raphael. They tied Raphael up in a sack and took him to their hideout, where strapped down, McFingers tells him of his brilliant plan. Being the funniest comedian, Raphael is forced to start telling his jokes. However the rest of the turtles rescue him and the other comedians and turn the devise against Stockman and the McFingers gang, all of whom end up arrested.

He later joined forces with the Rat King in Donatello's Duplicate, planning to loot the city with the use of rats. However, upon encountering and capturing the clone of Donatello, he turned against the Rat King and began cloning rats to overrun the city.

During Leonardo, the Renaissance Turtle, he and his men robbed a bank, and were apprehended by the robot LEX.

In Snakes Alive!, McFingers was working for Rudolph Cobrato, who hired him to put a thermal device at the bottom of the river. He was apprehended by Leonardo.

Like mobsters Big Louie, Tony "The Butcher" Vivaldi and Don Turtelli, McFingers was voiced by Peter Renaday. He was voiced by Cam Clarke in the episode Donatello's Duplicate.


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