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Oroku Pimiko


Oroku Saki (father, deceased)
Kujikiri (mother, deceased)
Go-Komodo (uncle, deceased)
King Komodo ("uncle")

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Pimiko appears in the Image comics, and is the possible daughter of Oroku Saki (The Shredder), and the former leader of a band of Go-Komodo’s hired kunoichi (female ninja). While initially antagonistic to the Turtles, she eventually becomes a shaky ally. She appeared in the Image comics series.

In Urban Legends #24 it is revealed that Headhunter is her mother and that Go-Komodo is her uncle.


Pimiko is the former leader of Go-Komodo’s hired kunoichi, ninja, and the daughter of Oroku Saki. When Kujikiri was pregnant with Pimiko, her mother fled Saki to Komodo, abandoning the baby Pimiko to her brother's care. Growing up, she took on a life of servitude to Komodo, hand-picking and training her kunoichi. When Warlord Komodo discovered that the mutagen the Turtles carry in their bloodstream might evolve him to a true dragon, as his birthright ordained he must, Pimiko led her kunoichi into the Turtles’ sewer lair, capturing both Splinter and Donatello. Donatello, however, escaped, though it was only to fall several hundred feet to land in an alley (TMNT Vol. 3, #1 & 2). Pimiko later became estranged from Warlord Komodo when he ordered that Splinter be killed, as she wished to personally fight him in revenge for the death of her father, Oroku Saki. Protecting Splinter, she fought off her own kunoichi as she let the Turtles escape with him (TMNT Vol. 3, #5). Sometime afterward, Pimiko found King Komodo, injected him with a second dose of synthetic mutagen that healed him, then brought him to Manhattan to locate the Turtles. At this point in time she had already found the remnants of her father's Shredder Elite, who accepted her as the rightful heir to the mantle of the Shredder, not Raphael. She ordered the Elite to "keep them in sight," wanting full reports on everything they do and everywhere they go (TMNT Vol. 3, #18). Later, Pimiko attempted to assassinate Splinter in April O'Neil and Casey Jones' apartment. She failed, and was subdued and bound by Splinter. When having tea with Splinter and Casey, she made her escape. Soon afterward, with the impartial support of two members of the Japan Foot Clan's Ruling Council of Five, she appeared before Raphael with her loyal Shredder Elite, proclaiming her birthright as the heir to the mantle of the Shredder. After their fight, Raphael ultimately defeats her but refuses to take her life (against the Council's wishes - they want it to be a duel to the death), instead cutting her ponytail off and proclaiming victory. As both Pimiko and Raphael become enemies of the Foot henceforth, the two former enemies fast become friends. The two fight it out with the traitorous Cheng and the mysterious "Lady Shredder" before the other Turtles arrive to render assistance. When invited by Raphael to attend their nineteenth birthday party, asking her to choose between fighting and family, Pimiko agrees to come along (TMNT Vol. 3, #20 - 23).


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