Capitán Piel
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Pirate captain (formerly)


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Señor Hueso (brother)
Hueso, Jr. (nephew)
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Skin Yōkai



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Bright green sclerae

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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Capitán Piel was the pirate captain of the SS Queen Alexis.

Physical Appearance

Capitán Piel is a Yōkai whose body is entirely composed of pink skin in a vaguely humanoid shape. He has a light pink head, long curly black hair, a black mustache, dark pink eye bags, and bright green sclerae. He wears a blue cape with a dark grey interior, a blue pauldron on his right shoulder, a black strap over his right shoulder, and a black belt with gold hardware. He also wears a dark grey glove with blue trim on his left hand, a gold hook replacing his right hand, dark grey and blue bucket-top boots with gold hardware, and a maroon tricorne with a white feather attached to the top.


Piel is a ruthless captain and hardened criminal. He can be mean, mocking Señor Hueso for being afraid during his only pirate mission in "Portal Jacked!". However, in "The Hidden City Job", Piel displays a capacity for self-reflection and change. He expresses remorse for his past and chooses to leave crime behind to prioritize his relationship with his family. He can be somewhat quick to think badly of others, initially giving up on trying to reconnect with Hueso when he dismissed him.

Piel is reliable as he sets out to settle his outstanding debts including a debt to Hueso. He is smart and has a considerable amount of courage as he concocted a plan to infiltrate's Big Mama's auction house to retrieve Hueso's lost pizza cutter from her vault.

Piel can be vulnerable and honest as he confesses that he always envied Hueso's pizza cutter that was gifted from their father. He understood Hueso's lingering suspicion of him throughout their heist despite him now committing to be a better person.


Piel debuted in "Portal Jacked!". He encountered Hueso when he and Leonardo embarked on a mission to find the rest of the Turtles after they mystically went missing in "Portal Jacked!". Once they made it to the SS Queen Alexis, Piel confronted Hueso and the two of them fought, still disputing over their hurtful past with one another. Piel and his pirate crew were then abruptly sent to Tahiti via Leo's portal.

Piel sought out Hueso at his restaurant in "The Hidden City Job" and informed him of his new upstanding lifestyle. He requested his help in completing an item retrieval that would settle his final debt to which he and Leo agreed. Piel tamed a wild smiurgh with Hueso's help to transport them to Big Mama's auction house where Hueso's pizza cutter was located. However, he only had a single entry ticket, forcing Hueso and Leo to hide inside the simurgh's joey pouch while they traveled. After arriving at the auction, Piel used Hueso and Leo to distract the guards and was confronted by them during his escape. Piel explained that he wanted to rightfully return the pizza cutter to his brother. The three of them were then surrounded by Big Mama and her guards and Piel fused into Don Suave with Hueso to escape from the auction house.


  • Sword fighting: Piel wields a cutlass and has been shown to be a proficient swordsman when he fought Hueso and was able to disarm him.
  • Elasticity: Being made of solely skin, Piel can stretch his body to grapple onto structures to swing from them and flatten into a parachute, granting him extensive reach and mobility. It also allows him to easily evade attacks.
  • Fusion: Piel can combine with Hueso by allowing him to inhabit his body as his skeleton. Together they form Don Suave who has the mystic ability to incapacitate others just by being gazed at.
  • Flute playing: Piel managed to successfully charm a wild simurgh by playing a flute.



  • Capitán Piel's parent(s)
    • Father: Piel was gifted his first ship by his father, but found himself envious of Hueso's pizza cutter that he gave him. Piel seems to think fondly of his father, however, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown.
  • Señor Hueso: Hueso is Piel's brother. They used to be so close as children that they were fused into one person, however, they were estranged for a long time due to their wildly different lifestyles and his tendency to hurt Hueso. Piel tricked him into being involved in a pirate mission when they were children, making him one of the most wanted criminals in the Hidden City. He knows Hueso well, not revealing the host of the auction they plan to steal from knowing that Hueso would refuse to participate. Despite all he has done, Piel always loved Hueso, even designing his ship's flag after him, and wants to be a part of his life again. Since "The Hidden City Job", the two of them have reconciled.
  • Hueso Jr.: Hueso Jr. is Piel's nephew. However, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown.

Friends and Allies

  • SS Queen Alexis crew: While Piel is no longer the captain of the Queen Alexis, he did seem to have a good relationship with his crewmates as they were shown laughing together and sharing jokes at the end of "Portal Jacked!".
  • Leonardo: Piel was accidentally teleported to Tahiti by Leo when they first met, but seemed to delight in being there. In "The Hidden City Job", Piel allowed Leo to join his quest to retrieve Hueso's stolen pizza cutter and was kind to him, having faith in him to escape Big Mama's vault and considering him to be clever.


  • Big Mama: Piel tried to steal Hueso's pizza cutter from her auction house vault and succeeded. Big Mama caught onto him, however, and he fused into Don Suave with Hueso in order to incapacitate her and flee the scene.



  • "Piel" means "skin" in Spanish.
  • Piel reveals in "The Hidden City Job" that due to his bodily make up, he finds clearly gesturing difficult.