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Living skin



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Rise of the TMNT

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Portal Jacked!

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Russ Carney
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Christian Lanz

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Capitán Piel is the pirate captain on the SS Queen Alexis. He is the brother of Señor Hueso and the uncle of Hueso, Jr., who once tricked his brother into accompanying his crew on a mission, thus landing Hueso on the Hidden City Police's most-wanted list. Quite the opposite in composition to Hueso, Piel is completely made of skin.

Physical Appearance

He is all skinned. He appears to be tall and muscular. He wears all pirate outfits and moustaches and he speaks on Spanish accent.


He was ruthless captain, who turn the police against his brother, who now becomes the exiled criminal. In The Hidden City Job, he become nice, brotherly and more kinder.


After Hueso tells Leonardo that his brothers have been "portal jacked", they follow a series of clues leading them to the S.S. Alexis. Hueso and Piel fight, as Leonardo is forced to walk the plank by Piel's crew. In an attempt to save himself, Leonardo opens a portal to send the pirates away, but instead, causes his brothers to resurface from Tahiti, where they had been sent accidentally, but were enjoying themselves. Leonardo opens a portal in an effort to escape to Tahiti with his brothers, but ends up sending Piel and his crew there, instead. Portal Jacked!

He reappears to tell Hueso and Leo that he abandons his pirate crime to become good. In order to become nice, he asks two to come with him in the final mission. Though Hueso is skeptical, but Leo agrees. It is revealed that he wants to go to the wild Simurgh. After arriving to party, Piel uses them to distract the guard, after bumping onto Leo, who stands up and cronfronts him along with Hueso. Piel explains that he wanted to gave it to his brother, because he loves him. Both fuse into Don Suave and use fashion to defeat Big Mama and her soldiers. They have returned to Run of the Mill Pizza, where they are now brothers. The Hidden City Job


  • Parachute, he can use his body as a Parachute when carry another people.
  • Fuse: he can merge with his brother Señor Hueso to create Don Suave.


  • Senor Hueso: They are brothers as revealed by Senor Hueso. He tricked Hueso into doing a mission and thus became one of the most-wanted criminals in the Hidden City due to it. In The Hidden City Job, they have reconciled.
  • Leonardo: He thinks that he is a clever turtles. They became allies and stop being an enemies.


Si, amigo.


  • His name is Spanish for "skin".
  • He has no teeth, and seems to only possess gums.


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