Biographical information

Sewers of New York City, Earth


Bubble production

Weapon(s) of choice

Large hook


Splinter (former owner)

Physical description

Mutant goldfish



Eye color


Out of universe information

Rise of the TMNT

First appearance

Flushed, but Never Forgotten

Voiced by

Chelsea Peretti

Teachers and Students


In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Piebald was Splinter's beloved pet goldfish. When Splinter went to bed, however, the Turtles would play with her, setting her bowl up to act as a fifth person for whatever game they were playing. One year prior to the events of "Flushed, but Never Forgotten", Piebald's bowl was accidentally shattered when she served as the goalie during a game of sewer hockey. Desperate to get her to some water so that she could survive, the Turtles put her in their toilet. They then proceeded to play with a flying disc; Leonardo accidentally hit the toilet's flush mechanism with the disc, sending Piebald spiraling down through the pipes. Leo forced his brothers to never tell Splinter of this incident, replacing Piebald with an "identical goldfish" which was actually a rock with googly eyes glued to it.

During her journey through the sewage system, the Trash Wizard attempted to eat her, but spat her back out. Piebald later ate an Oozesquito, which caused her to mutate.

One night, Piebald returned to the lair to mess with Michelangelo's psyche, trying to get him to confess to Splinter of what they'd done. She started out by writing graffiti on his wall (which was gone when he went to show Leo), then she interrupted his playing of Hot Soup: The Game with unnerving visuals of her coming out of a toilet.

The Turtles were forced to finally believe Mikey when Piebald came out of the Lair's graffiti wall to attack. The Turtles ended up fleeing to the kitchen, where they thought they'd lost her, and encountered Splinter feeding "Piebald" (actually the aforementioned googly-eyed rock) and asking if they had anything to confess, to which Michelangelo said that he "tooted".

One by one, Piebald abducted three of the Turtles and Splinter, until only Leo was left. She dangled the family above an eddy in the sewer, threatening to flush them they did her. Leo summoned up the courage to face Piebald, but she hit the rope with her hook and sent them spiraling toward the whirlpool.

Confusingly to Leo and the other Turtles, however, the rope rebounded before it touched the water, and Splinter was gone. It turned out that Piebald had come to Splinter and the two had worked together to scare the Turtles for their actions.



Weapons and equipment

  • Cloak
  • Arm Bindings
  • Hook Weapon

Powers and abilities

  • Invisibility: Piebald has the ability to make herself invisible, along with anything she is wearing or carrying.
  • Bubble production: Piebald can create floating bubbles, which she can use to distract opponents and, when invisible, hide behind for a surprise attack.
  • Reality warping powers (unconfirmed): While it is not impossible for her to have made the disappearing graffiti without powers, she was able to somehow interrupt Michelangelo's video game, and scare him with Ringu-esque visuals.
    • However, it is also possible that the visuals were merely prerecorded and played on a different input device, especially since it was revealed that she and Splinter staged her attack on the Turtles.

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