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In the IDW continuity, phasing cloaks are a wearable technology co-invented by Harold Lilja and Libby Meitner, related to Harold's light refraction technology. When they parted ways, Meitner took the technology with her, and it was later used by Darius Dun's Street Phantoms in their criminal endeavors.

The primary purpose of the cloaks is to make the wearer temporarily immaterial, so that attacks pass right through them, and the wearer can also pass through walls and floors. This made the Phantoms formidable fighters despite their lack of combat skill. The cloaks also serve to disrupt electronic surveillance, allowing them to be effectively unseen from a distance.

Despite their effectiveness, two methods were seen of countering the phasing cloaks' effects. Leonardo and Alopex managed to destroy two of the cloaks, rendering their wearers vulnerable to attack, by tricking two of the Street Phantoms into becoming material and striking unexpectedly. Later, Harold developed a small device that, when clipped to a weapon such as Donatello's bo staff, allowed the weapon to affect the phased individual.

After Dun's death, the Street Phantoms' cloaks were seized by the Foot Clan.

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