Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1992 Season
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  1. "Rock Around the Block"
  2. "Krangenstein Lives"
  3. "Super Irma"
  4. "Adventures in Turtle-Sitting"
  5. "Sword of Yurikawa"
  6. "Return of the Turtleoid"
  7. "Shreeka's Revenge"
  8. "Too Hot to Handle"
  9. "Nightmare in the Lair"
  10. "Phantom of the Sewers"
  11. "Donatello Trashes Slash"
  12. "Sleuth on the Loose"
  13. "Polly Wanna Pizza"
  14. "Leonardo is Missing"
  15. "Mr. Nice Guy"
  16. "Snakes Alive!"

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Phantom of the Sewers is a season 6 episode of the 1987-1996 series.
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Rufus Higby, the manager of Willie Wombat's Pizza Pan Theater restaurant, is trying to deal with a malfunctioning robot when a masked man, the Phantom, leaps out of a floor grate. He's chased out into the family dining area, frightening customers away before escaping into the street.

This is the third disturbance there in the last month, April reports. Higby denies that there was any real disturbance, piquing the Turtles' interest. On their way there, they find the Phantom and pursue him through the sewers, finding that he's bricked up some of their shortcuts. They also find he's causing the underground rivers to flood, which he's using for hydroelectric power.

When they find the Phantom's lair, they're hit by several booby-traps (including flamethrowers, spears and falling ceilings). They are almost swept over a deadly waterfall, but saved by Michelangelo at the last minute. They use the flood controls to lessen the flooding, and find an elevator that deposits them in the Willie Wombat back room. Upon finding them there, Higby continues to deny that there is a Phantom and ejects the Turtles from the theater.

April is surprised to hear about the Phantom, since she has been too busy investigating a string of strange bank robberies the previous night. The Turtles head for one of the few banks that wasn't robbed yet, and are shocked to see the Pizza Pan Theater robots appear and start shooting at them. The Turtles' weapons turn out to be ineffectual, but Michelangelo finally gets some results by ramming the robots with a dumpster. Unfortunately, even more robots arrive, driving the Turtles into retreat.

April calls in to reveal that originally Higby had a partner named Bogart Flywheel, who vanished three months ago. The Turtles get the drop on the Phantom in his lair, and he confirms that he is indeed Flywheel and the designer of the robots, but he isn't responsible for the crime wave. Instead, he states that he was attacked by Higby when he refused to end their partnership, and was disfigured when the man threw chemicals in his face.

Leonardo concludes that Higby is the one responsible for the robberies, and the Turtles inform the Phantom that his "children" are being used for crime. They head back up to the theater to look for the master control, but are interrupted by Higby and the robots' return. The robots' control is destroyed in the ensuing fight, causing them to go out of control and break down, but not before causing the machinery in the back of the theater to overload. Donatello is alarmed, stating that an overload would cause a massive explosion.

Flywheel comes up with the idea of collapsing the theater's foundations by flooding them, but Donatello earlier smashed the controls to keep them from being misused. As he tries to fix it, Higby escapes and is pursued by Flywheel to where his cache of stolen money is. Leonardo and Donatello open the floodgates while Michelangelo and Raphael run off to get the two men back. They rescue them just before the foundations collapse, pulling the theater into the sewer as it explodes.

Higby is arrested, and Flywheel shows the Turtles what his ex-partner did to his face. But Donatello realizes that the disfigurement is merely dried paint, and a quick facial wash causes Flywheel to return to normal.

The Turtles head home, only to discover that the sewers are still flooded. Donatello realizes he forgot to shut off the floodgates.


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