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"Hi! I'm Pete."

Pete is a mutant pigeon and Old Hob's first attempt at creating a mutant. Unfortunately, he lacked the expertise and the proper compounds to create intelligence and Pete came out less than smart. This leads Hob to kidnap Lindsey Baker, a former StockGen scientist and try to convince her to make mutants for him.

Pigeon remained with Hob and Slash as a member of the Mutanimals.


Pete is one of the few sapient animal-born mutants in the IDW continuity to have never been treated with any kind of psychotropic enhancement, and in theory possesses the same intelligence he had as a non-mutant pigeon, and is certainly considered less intelligent than the other animal-born Mutanimals who were all variously enhanced. Nevertheless, Pete can still speak in complete sentences, read and write at at least a basic level, use tools and cook meals.

Though generally useless in a combat situation and only occasionally useful as a spy, scout or decoy, Pete is still a loyal member of the Mutanimals, and still tries to make himself available as cook and as a friend eager to raise morale, and in this respect he is repeatedly shown to be one of the kindest and most generous of the Mutanimals. His cooking skills themselves are usually considered rather unpleasant, as he tends to put worms and insects he likes into the food he prepares. But despite these things, the other Mutanimals seem reluctant to openly criticize him because of his good intentions.

Pete also likes to sing, but most find his singing unpleasant; only Slash seems to genuinely enjoy it.

Pete can also communicate with other non-mutant pigeons like his cousin Jimmy.

Pete does possess at least one idiot savant ability: He is an expert at playing board games, especially checkers. Lindsey Baker believes Pete may possess an anomaly in his brain function.


Pete: So, ah, that ends the tour! I'll go get your beds ready. And if you need anything else, just ask. I'm Pete! Not sure if I mentioned that.
Sally: Repeatedly.
Pete: Oh, and try not to poop on the floor. Hob starts to get pretty mad after the fifth or sixth time that happens.


Pete tends to be cheerful and friendly to everyone he meets, including friend, stranger and foe. But he does genuinely care about his family and friends, enough to try to be useful to them anywhere he can.

  • Old Hob - Responsible for Pete's mutation. Hob can find Pete irritating, but accepts and cares for him as family.
  • Slash - Pete appears to be closer to Slash than to anyone else. Slash genuinely enjoys Pete's company (even his singing) and, before leaving the Mutanimals, functioned as a nurturing parental or older sibling figure to Pete. It was Slash who gave Pete the nightlight that helped eliminate his nightmares; this act of kindness in turn inspired Pete to install nightlights in the rest of the Mutanimals' bedrooms just in case they had the same problem.


  • Pete's design is based on the 2012 TV series character, who in turn was much more loosely inspired by the non-mutant 1987 TV series character. This makes IDW's version of the character one of only a few entities originally tailored for the 2012 TV series to later be adapted for the IDW continuity. Neither the 2012 series nor IDW versions of the character bear much similarity to the 1987 series character, but IDW Pete's non-mutant cousin Jimmy does.