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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Pervis Walker appears in the Mirage Comics and is a straight-A student from Arkham, Massachusetts. His best friend is Maximillian Jones, whose academic record is the opposite.

As Men of Shadow opens, Pervis and Max are walking home from the comic store, and Pervis expresses disbelief that Max spent so much money on a first printing of The Dark Knight Returns. Max says he'd been paying little-by-little but he had to go all-in since he would never get an allowance again after his parents see his report card. Pervis and Max unfortunately run into the bully Barry and his minions, and Barry rips Max's comic in half.

Later, Clark Ashton Allard was blasted into a field from a bomb and dropped right in front of Pervis and Max. They helped him into the woods, where one of his lairs was located. Pervis ran to get help while Max helped him into the "auto-doc", but then Pervis witnessed a cult of vampires capturing them both. Pervis crashed his bike and bent the front wheel, wondering how he was going to get help, when he was approached by the Ninja Turtles, Splinter, and Casey Jones riding on a giant mechanical Turtlebot, asking for directions.

Allard and Max were being held in Innsmouth Seafood in the nearby town of Innsmouth. Traquer, the leader of the vampires, intended to summon a grotesque god called Dagon and sacrifice Clark and Max, along with the cult sacrificing themselves. The Turtles, Splinter, Casey, and Pervis busted in and the ninja and Casey started fighting the vampires, while Pervis ran to untie Max. Allard broke himself free, and joined in the melee, as the cultists summoned Dagon.

Casey ended up breaking a baseball bat against Traquer, but then the vampire grabbed him, leaving him vulnerable. Max picked up a part of the broken bat and stabbed Traquer with it, kiling him. Dagon snatched up Allard with its tongue and attempted to swallow him, but he threw the device which summoned it into its mouth, sending it back to its origin.

The next morning, Pervis and Max went back to Arkham and realized how much trouble they'd be in since they were out all night. Barry and his crew confronted them, and Max thought after all they'd been through the previous night, a few punks would be nothing in comparison, but he ended up with a black eye for his troubles.

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