Professor Pert Proton
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13-Mile Island


The Ghost
The Ghost of 13 Mile Island



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5' 5"


180 lbs.



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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Professor Pert Proton also known as The Ghost is a character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures. He was a scientist who became permanently intangible after a lab accident.


At the 13 Mile Island Scientific Research Facility, a security guard has an encounter with a spooky, vaporous ghost. Vance Block interferes. He explains that there’s nothing mysterious going on whatsoever and, by the way, all these strange ghost sightings have absolutely nothing to do with the recent disappearance of Professor Proton.

Dressed in trenchcoats and fedoras, the Turtles join April in the building where they’re met by Jay G. Paul, the assistant of the MIA Professor Proton. He shows them that there are cameras everywhere, save the labs, as those are privately rented. Regardless, there’s no way Proton could have left the building without being seen. Paul laments that without Proton’s genius, he has been unable to recreate the man’s fusion experiments and that soon their financiers will have to abandon the project.

Donatello is briefly accosted by the amorphous blob of a ghost, but it quickly disappears. Reappearing by a balcony, Mike spots the specter and attempts to tackle it. He passes right through the phantom, nailing Raphael by mistake. Elsewhere, the ghost appears before Leonardo and leads him down a corridor. Grabbing April, all four Turtles get together and chase the ghost back toward Professor Proton’s old lab.

The ghost quickly takes form as Professor Proton. Professor Proton explains that he’s not actually a ghost, but merely trapped in a dimension out of synch with our own; the residual experimental energy in the lab allowing him to better manifest himself. The Turtles demand answers and Proton supplies them:

The Petroleum people didn’t care for Professor Proton’s experiments in limitless energy through fusion, so they sent Paul as a spy and, eventually, assassin. While testing Proton’s new fusion force cannon, Paul took the opportunity and blasted the Professor with it; disintegrating him. Proton found himself trapped in the other dimension and began trying to communicate with people in the facility, but they could only see him as a shapeless “ghost”.

Not about to go to jail, Paul tries to blast the Turtles and April with the force cannon, but Proton blocks the ray. As April explains everything to Vance Block, the Turtles call in their friend Carol Sagan to see if she can’t restore Proton to this dimension. Sagan is doubtful, as Paul destroyed all the force cannon’s notes; it may take decades to recreate the device (which shorted out when Proton blocked the blast from hitting the Turtles). Proton is in no rush, as while he’s stuck in that dimension he’s essentially immortal.

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