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The People of Kirby World are a group of heroes from the dimension of Kirby World, and friends of Kirby and Donatello. They first appear in the Mirage Comics issue Kirby and the Warp Crystal.


Not very much is known about the culture and the degree of civilization of the people of Kirby World to which these warriors belong. Although the warriors do not appear to have a relatively highly developed civilization, they seem to be struggling for warlike fighting in which they can prove their dexterity. They do not wear any kind of armor except a close-fitting leather or metal bonnet, and use hardwood sticks as weapons. After Kirby and Donatello came to their world they saw a race of demons that were made by Kirby attacking the warriors. They tried to defeat them using various tools Kirby drew such as a Gravitic Equalizer, a giant robot, till finally Kirby chained them up. Seeing his feats the warriors saw Kirby as a great wizard.

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